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1/19/13 7:02 P

Question - You think eating honey helps you burn another 500 calories per week? Why? Where did this come from?

1/9/13 9:47 P

I was wondering why after I reset my protein intake levels, or reset my various other things they kept randomly changing. I guess it's just a Sparkpeople thing. My 'calorie burn' weekly goals dropped to 650 it seems I just have to pay attention and regularly go back and reset things manually? It doesn't ever seem to reset things to INCREASE a calorie burn limit when I overeat, just decrease it when it feels like it (usually during a week I have consistently outeaten my daily limits. what the heck?)

Also it seems to randomly suddenly put my protein requirement WAAAAY up for no reason. I've had to adjust that down 3 or 4 times now. weird.

glad I found a topic in help that was close enough to this issue to know i'm not the only one!
thanks! I'll just keep resetting things.

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7/20/12 11:31 P

I guess this program doesn't know basic math. LOL So I input my own calculated amount. Which after 5 months of fine tuning, I think is pretty much right on. Thanks.

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7/20/12 10:23 P


Did you make any changes to your Fitness Set-up? If so, your calories burn will default to a number that may not correctly reflect your actual accomplishments, therefore, you will want to go to your Start Page and in Calories Burn Section on the left hand side of the page in the My Goals and Progress section, you will want to click on the change link and manually change this figure to reflect the actual calories you are expending.

I know when I recently changed my strength training days, my calories burn goal defaulted to 800 calories a week from the 3200 calories I have been expending. For some reason, when you make a change to your program, your calories burn goal does not remain.

Just a little education as to how our bodies burn calories, too.

Your body expends calories via three ways.

1. Basal or resting metabolic rate (This is the largest percentage of caloric expenditure for most people). These are the calories you burn if all you did was stay and bed and do nothing. Your body requires calories to keep your heart pumping, the brain thinking, your eyes blinking, your cells growing, your temperature regulated, etc, etc.

2. Active daily living activities-These are the calories expended by doing such things as sitting at the computer, shopping, working, cleaning, yard work, etc. (if you are quite active this, for many, is the second area that people expend calories).

3. Exercise (cardio, strength training and flexibility workouts).

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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7/20/12 9:00 P

I haven't had the dreaded red warning show up on my fitness plan for some time. I'm not sure why it is doing it now and I'm confused as to why it has such a low calorie burn for me. I know I am getting closer to my goal, so maybe that is why it is showing up now. But tell me if you think this is correct.

My intake calorie range is between 1700-2100(approx due to little movements). My fitness plan is 30 minutes of cardio and 60 minutes of ST, 3 times per week. The minute goal and counter works out about right. and has me at 270/225(no sure why 225, but I can live with it). But the odd one is the calorie burn one which has me at about 500 per workout day and 1500 for the week. Again, that is a good ball park figure. But it has my calorie burn as only 650. SAY WHAT?

I have lost a consistent 1.25 lbs per week since January. So I figure I'm doing pretty good on intake and exercising. When one figures in the 1500 calories burned in exercises, that means I must be getting another 2000 somewhere else to continue burning more than a lb per week. I know I eat at mid range, so I probably have a deficet of 1400 in not eating at the top end of my range. Then I have some honey does that probabaly helps me to burn an extra 500 through the week, so that might be my 3500. But where on earth is that 650 coming from as a weekly goal? I think that is why I'm getting the warning, but I don't understand why or how to change that without lying. So any help would be appreciated.

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