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8/21/13 7:54 A

make structure on your weekends if structure is what works for you. if you are like most people you do pretty close to the same thing week after week. you might do it with different people and that's not to say there will never be exceptions, but getting some basic framework in there can make it just swapping around for the exceptions.
so start with what usually happens. if you have family dinners at 6 on sunday, brunch with your girlfriends sunday morning, lazy late lunches with a friend on sat, book them in. then plan in your workouts around those things. you can also plan lighter meals and snacks in as well. and remember that you can always invite people out, which means that you can set the time and the place to fit your schedule. i'm not saying you should refuse lunch with susie who comes into town twice a year because you have a workout planned, but if you have a plan that has a workout already scheduled, skip it in favor of lunch with susie but swap out one of your eating opportunities on either side for your workout. and you can do that with anything. have a rough idea of when you usually get up and plan in everything that you need to get done. it doesn't have to be exact, but if you need time to grocery shop, do a few loads of laundry, catch up on your reading and bills, block out that time in a schedule. swap it if something better comes along, but have a base structure in place if having a base structure works well for you.
so you might start saturday with some extra sleep. 10-12 might be household chores time with a light breakfast at the beginning. the noon hour might be errands. 1-3 might be late lunch time. 3-5 might be grocery shopping. 5-6 might be workout time. 6-9 could be dinner and movie time. sunday might be sleeping in til brunch at ten. noon to 1 might be planning what you need to for the week. 1-3 might be workout or group activities with friends time. 3-5 might be snack or early dinner time or it could be something else you need to get done and dinner might be at 6-7. basically look for what you can block off and block it off.

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On the weekends when you are not out at a restaurant or with others can you put some structure in place? For example if you are going out to eat on Sat and Sun for dinner then try to plan a healthy breakfast/lunch/snacks that way you will be balanced for the most part but it can still allow yourself to enjoy eating out. If weekends are hard for activity possibly make that time a rest day or schedule a time to add in activity.

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8/20/13 2:55 P

Everyone has great ideas about how to keep from overdoing it on the weekends. I'm no different - weekends are usually not nearly as routine as our weekdays, so we tend to skip the planned meals as well. Just remember that it's about calories in versus calories out. If you can't, or don't want, to stick strictly to the healthy stuff as you go about your weekend, just be conscious of the quantity of calories going in. As you become learn more about food quality, you'll begin to get a sense of what's good, and not so good, outside our own kitchen, and just be smart about the quantity you're taking in. Most important - don't beat yourself up about going over your daily calorie quota either. If you're like me, you also tend to be more active on the weekend, so if you go a little over, you probably burned a little more, too. Don't forget to enjoy the living part of living!

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Track your food and fitness. Try to avoid situations that cause you to over eat (like food courts). You have done so well, don't let anyone sway you from that. And remember, it takes work to be the person you want to be.

8/20/13 1:11 P

It helps to never skip breakfast, bring snacks to fit in your purse. When you are thinking of temptation, think about how proud of yourself you will be when you hit goal. Enjoy treats in moderation.

I am in the same boat for all of that. My in-laws serve wine @ breakfast, and that can mess up your entire day! emoticon

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8/20/13 11:50 A

Good Morning Sparkers!! I wanted to do you stay on track on the weekends? During the week since I have a set schedule I find it rather easy to incorporate meals, snacks, and exercise at the same time everyday. The weekends are a whole other story--I have no set structure and when I am with friends or family I don't always make the healthiest choices :/ I went from 234#s to 168#s fon Jan. 2012 to octo. 2012, then since last October I have been fluctuating between 175 to 165 pounds, and I want to break out of this stand still and reach my goal of 145! Any advice? THANKS!!

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