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1/28/13 12:30 A

I have to work to stay busy on the weekends to keep my eating in check. I also do a lot of cooking on Sundays (usually some staples for the whole week, so around 4 hours of cooking), which helps keep me in check. I also plan for smaller meals and more snacks on the weekends at home because I LOVE to snack.

I am lucky I don't have kids and hubs likes to do active stuff on the weekends, which helps. He's now on a diet where he cheats like mad Fri night through Sat night though, so I'm also learning that I have to be super-vigilant during the week because I can't resist doing at least SOMETHING a little off plan with him. I just make sure to enjoy the heck out of whatever I'm eating and the minute I realize that I'm just eating mindlessly or that I'm not still hungry, I give him the rest of whatever I was eating.

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1/27/13 11:35 P

just think of it as a normal day,

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1/27/13 9:52 P

Plan ahead

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1/27/13 9:51 P

I have been weighing in on Friday and that has been giving me an excuse to be bad on the weekend too. If I lost weight or stay the same I seem to have trained my mind that it's ok to indulge more on the weekend since I didn't gain any weight. Ha Ha! I see that is definitely a bad way to look at it!

1/27/13 9:36 P

Weekends are tough for me too..lots of social stuff and running around throwing off my eating routine. I weigh in on Saturday morning to stay motivated for the weekend. When I see that I have lost weight I tend to stay on track.

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1/27/13 9:33 P

Ok wondering if anyone has any ideas for staying on track over the weekends. During the week as a family we seem to do good, but then the weekend arrives and everyone wants to enjoy eating.

During the week I am able to manage better since kids are in school, hubby is working, and we have activities in the evening. Keeps us on track and the meals are planned and kids are in bed early for school.

Then when the weekend hits the kids want bigger meals during the weekend and more snacks since they are not in school. Hubby wants something different than his lean eating during the week. I don't blame him! Ha Ha! Now we don't go really overboard, but I think it is hurting me from getting these last 5 pounds off, since every morsel needs to be accounted for and this overindulging on the weekends isn't cutting it.

What do the rest of you do for the weekends? Do you eat the same during the week or does it change? Any and all advice please I really want these last 5 pounds to just DROP off!

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