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1/28/12 12:40 A

Weekends are the pits! Just keep Sparkin'!!!

FRAN0426 Posts: 21,788
1/27/12 8:39 P

You have to determine why you will or could overeat on the weekend. Do you go out to eat more on weekends, or more stress etc. Now we go out every Saturday night with friends to eat, so I plan ahead by leaving a little more room for Saturday night by eating a little less ( especially carbs and protein) during the day. If we have a sweet tooth after eating my friend and I will share one.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,763
1/27/12 8:14 P

"I'm so much more likely to over eat on the weekend"

Recognizing the 'why' might help....

1/27/12 6:35 P

Hi all, I've had a good week tracking my calories, drinking lots of water, laughing with friends, keeping my stress levels low, and eating good healthy foods in appropriate portions. It is Friday evening and I just arrived home from work and I'm beginning to worry about maintaining that focus over the weekend. I weigh weekly on Monday morning to hold myself accountable but I'm so much more likely to over eat on the weekend. Any good advice out there?

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