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9/24/14 10:09 A

The past few weekends have been really tough because we've been travelling and seeing friends and family, so there's a lot of long stretches in the car and being treated to dinner out. I'm looking forward to the next month or so in between Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season when we can just hunker down at home and cook for ourselves and make sure to get enough exercise.

CELESTE617 Posts: 690
9/24/14 9:55 A

Staying at mom's. On weekends are bad!!! Too good home cooked meals. Cant resist

BARBIEGIRLPOWER SparkPoints: (1,385)
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9/24/14 8:23 A

I feel you. I overdo it on weekends to, mainly because I have too much time on my hands. The weekends in which I don't overdo it are the weekends in which I am active.

I like to go for long walks, or (if I am in front of the TV) crochet. Now that it is getting cooler crocheting and knitting are great ways to spend the weekends!

MAZZYQ SparkPoints: (12,182)
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9/24/14 7:34 A

week ends are my downfall too. i am up at 4:30 am monday- friday- so i like to sleep in on saturday , but that throws off everything - i take my blood sugar later and that means its usually higher then we go out for breakfast- no lunch and a dinner. I'm all messed up. have to find a happy medium!!

HEARTPROCLAIMS SparkPoints: (18,151)
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9/23/14 3:05 P

Lots of great advice here.

A new strategy I've started is to change my rest day. I used to take Sundays as my rest day (leaving time for church and family, resting and preparing for Monday). But now my rest day is Wednesday.

Dinner is always a tough time for me. I like to indulge and love my wine. But if I know I have a tough workout planned for Saturday, I don't indulge as much on Friday night because I know I'll pay for it during my workout.

ANDROMEDA1967 Posts: 4,587
9/22/14 6:12 A

I am in the same boat as many people here. Just said it to myself this morning, as I got off the scale and realized I erased all the good I did all week in just 2 days. I know I need to be more consistent with the workouts on the weekends and not to go overboard when I "treat" myself. Now, I need to actually do it so I can finally end a weekend WITHOUT having to start from scratch. I'm getting back into tracking my meals starting today and I have slowly been getting back into regular exercise (I need it, I barely made it through a 15 minute lower body workout this morning. It used to be so easy!!)

DERBYGIRL73 SparkPoints: (614)
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9/22/14 5:45 A

I've had a 'bad' weekend - lots of beer and junk food at music do.
I'm today starting with run/walk and planning food.
I'm doing WW and am needing to track food more and be more planned with healthier treats for the weekends/allow for the naughtier treats.
I also need to be more consistent with exercise,planning to do 5k end October and am on run/walk programme for that.
I can get into a 'I've messed up,I'm stuck and can't change' mindset - I am now seeing each day as a new start and trying to focus on what I need to do each day.
I'm also planning to limit booze to every 3 weeks,had quit totally but that was just too much pressure with eating better/exercising consistently again.

KNITTER11 SparkPoints: (103,895)
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9/19/14 5:11 P

This sounds strange, but i changed the day i grocery shop. I always used to shop after work on Friday so i'd have good stuff in the house for the weekend. that always included a treat for Friday night. I stick to my plan all week and work out every day, so i "deserve" it. What happens is it seems to set me up for a weekend binge. For the past few weeks, i have shopped on Wednesday or Thursday and i can walk past my favorite bakery items with very little temptation. And the past couple of weekends have gone better. Once i get about 2 weeks of no desserts, i dont crave them any longer. I still buy things for the weekend, but they are meal plans or soup ingredients.

VCZK2TJ17 Posts: 1,270
9/19/14 12:45 P

like others have said, plan your weekends (food, drink, activity) if you can. i try to be as active as possible so that if i mess up it's not as bad. i can't stand tracking, so i plan as best as i can. i also forgive myself. i will have days that i mess up. it's not the end of the world. i just do better the next meal/snack.

TIFFFIT Posts: 1,765
9/18/14 1:44 P

Do you track your intake faithfully? Sometimes when I feel like I'm eating for the wrong reasons I'll force myself to track BEFORE I eat...seeing what that snack is likely to do to my daily totals is often enough to make me wait or choose a snack that fits better into my calorie count.
Lately I've been "snacking" on a bowl of greens (herb salad + arugula) with Opa Greek yogurt dressing. The whole thing is only 60-75 calories and it's filling.
Good luck!

9/17/14 2:43 P

Finding other things to do helps a lot. Plan an outing.... hiking, walking... walk somewhere different. Find things in your area and walk to them instead of driving (if not too far). Get out the house.... walk to a friend's house.... Google free things in your area. Do anything to keep your body moving and that will distract your attention. Before you know it.... it's Monday again! emoticon

9/15/14 3:27 P

I find that when I get home from work I really don't want to cook, so on my days off I cook enough meals to get me through until my next day off. Also I make sure to exercise more. I like to do physical things or mental tasks that keep my mind occupied so I don't get bored. Boredom is my biggest problem, so I work hard to combat that.
But be sure to give yourself some "me" time too. Just not in destructive ways.

9/14/14 12:41 P

I find it helps to make sure I do a lot of self and home care on the weekends. I journal, knit, do the laundry, sweep, do dishes. My tendency is to veg out in front of the television with snacks, so keeping my hands busy helps a lot. I also make sure to have healthier versions of my favorite things (pizza, mac & cheese, chocolate) on hand, so I'm not tempted to order out.

If I do go out, I do more planning. For example, I'm going to a cafe with a friend this afternoon. I'm having a decent lunch beforehand so pastries won't look as appetizing, and I order tea instead of coffee drinks with far more calories. After all, I'm there to socialize more than I'm there for the food and drinks. It helps for me to keep those priorities in mind.

Good luck!

ILOVEMALI Posts: 1,538
9/14/14 12:17 P

Weekends are tough for me, too. I generally get in more activity, but we entertain/visit/go out more frequently and my food and etoh get out of control...

TRYN2SURVIVE SparkPoints: (48,964)
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9/12/14 10:42 P

I have a 15 minute walk that I do with the dog. If its storming, I go to our city recreational center and walk on the treadmill at least 15 minutes. As for food, I have little amounts of the food that I am craving, and that seems to help keep me from over indulging. Good luck!

CEIGSTI Posts: 3,084
9/12/14 2:41 P

I'm in the same boat. Good all week and then slack off on weekends. And now that football season is upon us, I sit and snack in front of the tv too. Grrr. I wonder if there are any challenges in the community for just weekends? Seems like alot of us struggle with this one. :) I just try to take one day at a time.

CHARITYAK SparkPoints: (21,976)
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9/12/14 1:56 P

I think there's a "I'm off" mentality that comes iwht weekends. I struggle too. I think the key is to recognize that why we might be off work, we are NEVER off self-care. Weekends should be treated as any other day. Careful meal planning. Exercise. Tracking. Not fun but neither is being overweight and sick.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
9/12/14 1:08 P

Plan your meals the same as a weekday.

MJOHNSON684 SparkPoints: (33)
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9/11/14 11:00 A

Get ready to jump! You can torch 160 calories in half an hour of jumping on your mini-trampoline, and it's low-impact, too.

"You get an amazing workout and it’s so much fun," says Basheerah Ahmad, founder of the fitness consulting firm 360 Transformation. She encourages celebrity clients like Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, and Vivica A. Fox to use a mini trampoline in their exercise routines.

Fit these moves into your fitness regimen at least three times per week. For best results, repeat the sequence of three moves at least three times.

ALBROOKS03 SparkPoints: (3,692)
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9/8/14 12:40 P

I totally understand where you are coming from. Even though I was ready for the weekend to get a break from work, I started to dread it because I knew I would be thrown out of my routine. So, now I stay busy cleaning and doing yard work. Getting outside and enjoying the sun is really good. Try going to a local farmers market and shopping for fruits and veggies to keep your mind focused.

GRASSHOPPER65 SparkPoints: (12,868)
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9/7/14 1:42 P

I find myself very depressed on weekends. And as a result, I tend to snack more. What I have started to do is to make a point of being physically active in my house on the weekends as much as I can. My goal is to move more than I sit. I don't drive and am often "stuck inside". Although I go for walks, nothing can compare to "people" time.

9/5/14 10:05 A

I like the idea of meal-planning. What about lining up meals and doing the prep ahead of time? One of my big Saturday challenges is being so busy that my meal-plan goes boink when we're super-hungry and don't have time to prep the meal I had planned. PTR-fixing healthy meals might solve that problem.

JONEC14333 SparkPoints: (51,255)
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8/30/14 3:12 P

SOAPSANDROPES has the right idea, but I like to add something: don't drink alcohol for a while. Just break the habit.
And, get out of the house.

FITNAPTURAL SparkPoints: (78,000)
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8/29/14 1:20 P

I also have a problem on weekends. I'm definitely on a set routine M-F so part of the problem is that my weekend is unplanned. When I'm really "good" and on track, I carry snacks with me when I'm running around to keep from getting too hungry and hitting the drive through. When I'm home I also try to keep busy and out of the kitchen but if I do decide to have a snack I drink water first and then measure/weigh whatever it is.

The weekend is only a few days so Monday is always a fresh opportunity to get back on track if you do slip up a little.

GERRYH2 Posts: 635
8/28/14 3:24 P

Weekends are filled with temptations by nature. You're out of your M-F routine and likely want to decompress and have some fun, within limits. It's OK! But there are so many opportunities to fill up the weekends that you can't do perhaps during the week. Try new and refreshing exercises for fun like biking, walking trails or jogging new routes. And don't focus so much on a M-F diet plan. Pull out some of the food recipes from SparkPeople and whip up something new. That may mean a longer trip to a grocery store or a local farmers market. Regardless of what you do de-stress and use some of the other ideas some of the other responders have provided. You can make it happen! Good luck!

MIAJOEB SparkPoints: (205,432)
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8/27/14 11:29 P

Keep on walking and I keep on going to water aerobics classes.
Once or twice a day is really not too much. then after the class I chat with the other members and walk back and forth to cool down and to get a little more time with my heart rate elevated.

YOGAANDBIKE SparkPoints: (37,529)
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8/25/14 10:05 A

I have a friend who "closes" her kitchen after meals. I like that idea.

SHOTOKIDO SparkPoints: (101,572)
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Posts: 3,832
8/24/14 11:19 P

Stick to a schedule.

I find that to be the simple answer, in that if I do the same basic routine with some variation every day, it becomes harder to go off the rails.

STITCH4EVER SparkPoints: (37,673)
Fitness Minutes: (56,956)
Posts: 4,033
8/24/14 5:34 P

My weekend eating issues have now become every day eating issues since my husband lost his job. It seems he wants to eat all day. That could be a depression setting in. Still, I have suggested that he try making some of his own "extras". You would have thought I asked him to cut off a leg!

BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,210
8/24/14 11:51 A


MOODYKEYS SparkPoints: (26,689)
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8/24/14 11:29 A

good advice everyone. you should be able to find some answers from all the response. only thing I would like to add would be to add protein snacks to snacking( like string cheese and natural ham or turkey wrapped together to munch on). this will give you energy and help you get to the next meal without feeling hungry. I try to add one in between breakfast and dinner. this helps me keep going with any activity I am doing. good luck. hope you found some great answers.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
8/24/14 10:33 A

You said that you don't know if it's because you're bored - just assume you're bored. If you're really busy doing 'food-related' things, such as going out with friends for meals or going out for drinks, that's just as difficult for a dieter.

Think of what keeps you on track during the week and then think of ways to mimic that structure (environment or influences) on the weekend.

LJBRANDOK Posts: 183
8/24/14 9:53 A

My goal on weekend is to keep the calorie intake and the calories burned even. I also try my hardest to get in exercise, knowing that I'll appreciate eating those calories later. I usually plan my eating so I can eat some party food when I'm out. My biggest problem is boredom eating, so I always try to have lots of projects to keep me busy.

MARTHA324 Posts: 5,944
8/23/14 9:20 A

I planned it so that I could eat more on the weekends going a bit lower on my calories M-Th. I would stick pretty much with healthy choices and not too much for breakfasts and lunches and would have my wine at dinner and food I might not have usually selected. For me, not depriving myself kept me from "blowing it" as you write. I'm still eating this way for maintenance as it works for me.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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Posts: 3,780
8/23/14 8:34 A

What do you mean by "blow it"? What happens on the weekend?

NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
8/22/14 4:43 P

step one is to identify whatever issues you're having. which means that as find yourself doing something that you ideally want to be cutting out, jot down in a notepad why you're doing it. it might be that you don't really schedule your weekends and so find yourself randomly hungry and without resources. it might be that you overschedule your weekends. it might be that your desk at work is stocked with good options, but your purse or day bag or car isn't. it might be that you're bored. whatever it is, as you notice yourself doing it, ask yourself why and write down the answer. once you have an idea of what hurdles you face, you can start working out solutions to overcoming those hurdles. which could be hosting the gathering of friends over the weekend instead of meeting in a bar/restaurant. it could be finding a group of friends who do outdoorsy activities. it could be packing better options in your day bag. it could be as simple as blocking out your day into 2-4 hour increments and planning food and exercise in some of those slots. it's almost impossible to fix a problem that you don't know what it is. so start by looking for what it is that is causing you problems.

8/22/14 2:08 P

I try to do a few things on the weekend to help.
1) Meal plan for the next few days
2) keep active, with the extra time on the weekends you can do new things or more time consuming things (last weekend we went kayaking on a local river).
3) clean: I try to get all of the laundry done on Sunday, it gives me time to relax between loads but I still keep moving when home.
4) Don't forget to drink water. Getting all of my water is easy during the week when I am sitting at my desk, it is harder when I am around the house.
5) keep things like fruits and vegetables on hand for snacking

8/22/14 2:08 P

I try to do a few things on the weekend to help.
1) Meal plan for the next few days
2) keep active, with the extra time on the weekends you can do new things or more time consuming things (last weekend we went kayaking on a local river).
3) clean: I try to get all of the laundry done on Sunday, it gives me time to relax between loads but I still keep moving when home.
4) Don't forget to drink water. Getting all of my water is easy during the week when I am sitting at my desk, it is harder when I am around the house.
5) keep things like fruits and vegetables on hand for snacking

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,805
8/22/14 12:33 P

Plan your meals, including snacks, and workouts ahead of time. Workout first thing to avoid getting caught up in other things. Feeling snacky? Go for walk, put on some music and dance, clean, run an errand, etc. Usually, I'll tell myself that if I still want something after I am done with the activity, I will have a little something. The vast majority of the time, I do not.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
8/22/14 9:59 A

What is causing your mess ups? Are you eating the wrong things or just too much?

If it is the wrong things, then get those things out of your house!

If it is too much, drink LOTS of water. Sometimes when we don't feel hungry, it is easier to say no.

Otherwise, if you find yourself going to the kitchen too often, get up, put in an exercise video or go for a walk/run or something. That might help a little, plus you will get some fun exercise in!

I also find when I am meeting the right vitamins my body needs, my cravings for other things diminish. A good multivitamin could help!

HOLLY1404 SparkPoints: (6,609)
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8/22/14 9:14 A

I seem to always blow it on the weekends. I don't know if it is because I get bored or what? Does anyone have advice to make it through the weekend without overdoing it? I've tried to make a weigh in on Monday to keep me on track, but sometimes that doesn't even work. Any insight appreciated.

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