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3/8/12 12:38 A

Hey Everyone!
So well, I know A TON of people are on here because they are looking to lose weight before their wedding day (and well, Im looking to lose weight because I just had a baby 3 months ago and I need to lose about 30 lbs and Im engaged!), so Id love to meet other brides as well who want to lose weight, and just find some friends and well if I can make some new friends...Id love to do the jack of all trades.

So anyways, since your all getting motivated for your wedding, if you need a friend or even help planning your wedding, let me know...Id love to help motivate you to lose weight, be a friend, and heck we can talk wedding details!. I just love meeting new people in general and I KNOW the stressed of trying to plan a wedding, dealing with vendors (since I am one myself), etc. Plus, If I dont shed some pounds quick, Im gonna cry! haha. Anyways, you can add me on these if youd like

You can add me on facebook:

Congrats to all you brides and grooms!

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