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MRSBIGNER Posts: 123
2/10/06 9:26 A

Thanks for the advice! emoticon But that is what I feel like! lol

DANCER1007 Posts: 445
2/10/06 8:01 A

Yea the key is probably to stick to a healthy diet exercise program. You don't want to use any diet scams out there because although you will lose some major weight you will gain it back...but you will also feel miserable on your big day. Instead just trying strength exercises everyother day...and as mcuh cardio as you can, drink lots of water, and keep eating healthy youll feel great about yourself and look good too

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Posts: 126
2/9/06 10:47 A

There's no real quick fix, but you'll be beautiful on your day no matter what!!

I got married on September 24 - tried my dress on this weekend - and it was too big!! I was kicking myself for not trying sparkpeople back then...but you know what? It didn't matter what size the dress was or how much I was the getting married part that mattered.

Have fun these last few's over in the blink of an eye!

MRSBIGNER Posts: 123
2/9/06 10:02 A

Thanks for the support! It's just hard because my whole life I wanted to be skinny for my wedding and now I know I'm not. I tried to push the date back but everyone told me no. LOL

We started doing Body for Life this week. So, maybe I can atleast drop a few pounds and tone up a little.

2/8/06 5:36 P

Oh, please don't get upset-- this is not the time! I have noticed, after looking over literally thousands of wedding pictures, that it doesn't matter how big the bride or groom are... on that special day, what matters most is the smile. If you can tell the bride and groom are totally in love and happy with themselves, then it really makes every picture look wonderful, no matter if they are a size 20 or a size 2!!

I'm sure if you look over some wedding pics of others, you'll agree.

And like LAS7828 said-- you've already lost quite a bit, and that's amazing and awesome-- just be confident in yourself, and love yourself for who you are-- obviously your fiance does!!

LAS7828 Posts: 278
2/8/06 3:39 P

it looks like you have done good so far, stick to what works, don't do anything drastic and don't get down about how you look, enjoy the day! congrats on being so close!

MRSBIGNER Posts: 123
2/8/06 2:41 P

My wedding is in 3.5 week and I haven't lost NEARLY enough weight! UGH! Any ideas on how to get it off quick?

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