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8/25/11 11:10 A

One thing I just want to point out as someone who has lost 30ish pounds and only has 10-15 more to go... the last 10-15 pounds are the absolute hardest, and you will lose them at a much slower pace (for most people) than the first 30 or 50 or 90. Factoring in that you'll be trying to lose those pounds in the 3ish or so months leading up to your wedding, the added stress of that time period may make it even harder. Consider buying a gown that will fit you if you're 10-15 lbs above goal weight - that way, if you don't quite make your final goal, you will still look wonderful, but if you do make it, the dress can be altered (10-15 lbs is probably 2ish sizes, depending on height, so the seamstress should have no problem adjusting the dress).

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8/25/11 7:20 A

AFBEMUSE that's my concern too! I'm hoping to lose 100 lbs by October 13th 2012. I've found a dress that I LOVE at this size but it wouldn't be easy to take down too many sizes because of the embroidery detail on the bodice. I'm willing to wait until 6months before the wedding to settle on a dress but I don't want to stop losing weight in that 6months before the wedding! Since I am currently 358 lbs I should still be losing pretty quickly at my 6month pre-wedding mark. Ahhh this is stressful! between having a very tight budget, finding a nice, cheap, plus size gown, and wanting to lose weight I don't know how to balance everything and still have a wonderful wedding with a gown I am proud of/can afford! Any advice from ladies that expect to lose quite a bit in that last 6months before your wedding?

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7/27/11 10:18 A

I dreaded buying my dress because I still had a lot of weight to lose (though I'd lost quite a bit by then). Davids Bridal told me to purchase a year in advance, however, I walked out of the store with the dress in hand and really wish I could have waited (it went on clearance a month ago). I wish I'd waited, but even having lost 20 lbs and 2 clothes sizes since I bought it a few months ago, the alterations should be no big deal. The biggest problem is when you take it to get altered. Davids bridal suggested 2 months before I need it (i.e. for bridal portraits/etc), so even though I'm not getting married til the end of November, I have to take it in sometime in August to get the first fitting done (and that's hoping I dont need anymore). A friend of mine who worked at a wedding dress boutique said she's seen talented alterations people take a dress in up to 4 sizes no problem. I would consider buying the size that you can squeeze into if you know you'll lose weight. I bought a tight-at-the-time dress that is now loose.

Also, sometimes if you buy a dress and then lose a ton of weight David's Bridal will let you exchange your dress. They aren't technically supposed to do so, but you can find it throughout reviews online and the alterations lady I spoke with said they do this from time to time. It depends if its easy to alter or not.

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7/26/11 11:49 A

I purchased my dress a few weeks ago. They told me I could lose up to 40lbs or 2 dress sizes and they can still work with my dress.

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7/26/11 10:06 A

It's good you're thinking about it early. I already bought my dress and it's not looking like I'll make my goal. Buy a bigger dress than you think you'll need, and alter it down, which is easier than altering it up.

7/12/11 9:44 A

I've suggested before for friends who are planning to lose weight before an event like this... see if there are any gowns you like that lace up the back! if the change is too much, they may still need to bring it in a bit... but you can skip some alterations by being able to tie it tighter....

7/12/11 8:39 A

i know they say you should start dress shopping 9 months prior and no later than 6 months.. so i would push ordering towards the 6 months.. go ahead and find what you want right away and just tell your consultant that you are determined to lose weight so you want to push ordering until the last minute to get a better idea of what size you will be she/he should be able to push you in the right direction! plus if you're overly determined it's really not uncommon for brides to order a size or two smaller if they know they're going on a diet! it's also very good motivation to know that you HAVE to diet and exercise because you ordered a size smaller i'm sure! go ahead and start looking just ask your consultant what they would recommend they deal with these things all the time! good luck!

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7/7/11 1:34 P

There's a suggestion that no one has made! At David's Bridal or any bigger box store, they may be able to tell you when that dress will be replaced. If they have it through the end of the season, if they will have it by your wedding, etc. If that is the case, then what I would do is have them make a note of the style and go in and get re-fitted closer to the date (say 2 months before or so) and that will give them time to order if necessary.

I got mine on clearance because the style was being discontinued. But there are other styles that look similar that I could have gone with had I had that issue. The most important thing is that you have a style of dress picked out to make the re-fitting go faster than the initial decision making appointment.

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7/1/11 6:10 P

This is a tough one. A friend of mine got her wedding dress on a super-sale at David's Bridal, and then proceeded to lose 60 lbs. before her wedding. Because she had paid so little for the dress, it was actually less expensive for her to buy another one than to have the original altered. If you find one you love, though, just make sure the necessary alterations won't break the bank once you hit goal.

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6/27/11 12:02 P

Alterations can always be made but in most (if not ) bridal shops they cost . Quite a bit. But I'd say it's a risk worth taking.

I'm getting married in Feb 2012 (on Valentine's) but I don't want a "real" wedding gown. I do want a nice, elegant gown which I'll probably order in November or December. I know plenty of places near home which will do alterations for few dollars.

If you go for the traditional wedding gown and not off the rack, then consider buying it at least 4 to 6 months in advance.

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6/27/11 11:29 A

I would go dress shopping 8 months prior like suggested and just get alterations as needed. Something to keep in mind is that when you buy the dress, it doesn't come in for about 2 months AND you still have dress fittings until 1 month prior, so you still have time to lose weight and have the dress altered to fit you properly.

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6/25/11 7:21 P

If you can afford alterations then I would suggest buying the dress in the size that fits you now and keep working on losing weight (or at your 6 month mark of weight loss if you believe you can manage that weight). The more detail (especially if it's beaded/sequined) the more it will cost to alter the dress. If you cannot afford alterations I would suggest waiting on buying the dress. I went from 189 to 167 and picked out a dress to do the same thing but couldn't afford the alterations so inevitably I didn't buy it. I went from 167 to 146 (4 lbs away from meeting my minimal goal aka prepregnancy weight of my last child) before I went dress shopping again. I bought the dress and I've gained back up to 155 because of my tubal surgery and thankfully still fit in the dress with ease. I'm working on my phase II of my weight loss and am hoping to reach at least 142 by the time I get married this August. Spark says I should be able to meet my weight loss goal before my birthday in September of 130. Sounds like a plan to me :) Best of luck to you!

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6/24/11 11:40 P


That's a tricky question. I'm getting married this October and I bought my dress November '10. One important thing to consider is how long the bridal shop needs to order the dress. I bought mine at David's Bridal and since it's a larger size, the sample had not been tried on and I took that one home. However, if they need to order one for you, it might take a couple months. My advice would be to wait a couple months to see how quickly you're making progress. Once you know that, you might have a better idea of how much you might lose between December and May.

Hope that helps!

AFBEMUSE Posts: 15
6/24/11 5:12 P

I'm getting married in May 2012 and I want to lose about 90lbs by then.
I figure it isn't too ambitious because it works out to about 2lbs a week, hopefully a little more in the beginning.

My concern is the dress. If I manage to keep to my goal what weight should I start dress shopping? I was hoping to start around December but if I lose a significant amount of weight after that couldn't that impact the dress I buy?

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