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5/10/14 10:22 A

Well... I'm no expert on feet or foot shape. But it seems to me that when we gain some weight, we could gain some in our feet as well as... well, anywhere else. People talk all the time about having to have their rings re-sized after they've lost weight. I know when I gained weight, my wedding band was so tight, I couldn't get it off. Ever. Even when I was canning tomatoes and the acid ate up the skin under my ring. It was awful. Finally got it off & had it made bigger. Now that I've lost the weight, it's loose.

I'm 58, had 2 kids, and my feet are the same size as when I was younger. When I was fat, I needed a more wide shoe but still an 8-1/2. Don't need a wide any more.

So I think the thing is.... kind of "wait and see" and don't stress out over whether your old shoes will or will not fit. It's possible too that while your feet may end up a half size or so larger than what you used to wear (just due to age) ... you could reward yourself with some new, cute shoes!!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,392
5/9/14 1:10 P

I am barefoot most of the day... and I have always worn heels, no matter what my weight.

My feet got bigger with each child, though! 8.5 went to 9 with the first... then to 10 with the second.

Now, no matter what my weight, I am a 10M.

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5/9/14 7:54 A

I wasn't sure wear to post this, so I apologize if this is the wrong place. Ever since I became a SAHM mom, almost 6 years ago, my once slender feet have become more like "Fred Flinstone" feet. It really just happened in the last year of so. I have let my looks go ever since I started having children, and now that are more self-sufficient and I have some more time on my hands in the mornings, I want to start looking nice again. However, my heels don't fit anymore! I was not one to wear heels often, even when I worked. Since I've been home, I wear flip flops and go barefoot. I have been wearing Crocs a lot since last summer, because of pain on the bottom of my foot which has since gone away. It's funny, because I used to swear I would never wear Crocs :) I have between 80-100 pounds to lose. At first, I thought my foot shape may have changed, because I have always heard that happens when you get older or you start wearing flip flops and such. I am really trying not to go barefoot anymore. But, it just occurred to me, is it possible that if I do lose weight, I should be able to wear heels again. Has this happened to any of you? When you lost weight, were you able to wear heels and such again, or did your feet permanently change?

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