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NORASPAT Posts: 52,786
11/4/13 6:49 P

Jen, I usually do my 4 mile fast walks but now I have to take over the yard work .
When I get down to yard work or exercise it will always be at least 30 minutes. Most often 2 to 3 hours outdoors, and 60 minutes in my basement. Then I feel better and will still consider it exercise and put it in the tracker. If others do it that way I will be happy I am doing nothing incorrectly. Thanks for the information. emoticon emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,893
11/4/13 10:39 A

Some of it is going to vary by individual. If you are someone who is brand new to exercise and haven't been very active, cleaning your house might get your heart rate going and could be considered exercise. But for the average person, I wouldn't count these activities as exercise unless they get your heart rate up into the cardio zone for 10 minutes at a time.

Coach Jen

NORASPAT Posts: 52,786
11/4/13 10:17 A

I found this for the first time and it feels so right and I have been doing it so wrong,

Reference Guide to Aerobic Exercise --An In-Depth Look

-- By Jen Mueller, Certified Personal Trainer and Nicole Nichols, Certified Fitness Instructor

Other one says you burn calories doing housework, that should just be in exercise. I have learned a lot today. I wish it was not so ambiguous but it is very difficult to really define which should be in FITNESS MINUTES dusting Housework raking walking, fast walking Running it just seems like there has to be a differentiation. Pat in Maine.
I noticed this new article is making me realise it is really apples and pears , very different indeed. Thanks

NORASPAT Posts: 52,786
11/4/13 10:05 A

Thanks Jen. There is a page where it says you burn X number of calories for housework raking the yard gardening and it is all in my tracker by the number of minutes I do these things, now I am feeling bad that I have been doing some things wrong all this time.
I record my steps from my Omron pedometer and I usually strive for 10,000 steps. Recently I have been checking steps mileage against the 1/4 mile marker and it is exactly on.
I had taken no notice of the word "Moderate " steps and in telling my walking friends how accurate it was they went out and bought them. They were curious about the moderate steps too and I am concluding those are the Aerobic steps the ones I put in my tracker. Not the Big number just moving about.
I do lots of yard work and gardening, and I put the same numbers in my tracker but some asks for Aerobic and others ask for exercise. To come up with it correct there should be a difference.
I understand in my Food tracker I have scales and measuring cups. In the Fitness it is not very easy to get an accurate amount because it is such a variable. Raking grass and shovelling snow. I have a huge yard with trees I can do it day after day in the fall very easily but my heart rate rarely gets up there my arms get very tired after 2 or three hours. Steps on my OMRON is very low because the feet just shuffle so I in put time.
How can I get this to be more accurate please.
I realise this is only a contest of my own exercise but when I see the numbers I have in my fitness I am wondering if I and many others are doing it in correctly.
I guess I just need the answer to AM I DOING THIS WRONG??????
PS Boith were from Coach Nicole I will try to find them.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,893
11/4/13 9:12 A

Hi Pat

I'm not sure which articles you read (were they on SparkPeople?), but in general, I wouldn't count something as exercise unless it's getting your heart rate up into the cardio zone for at least 10 minutes at a time. Your program assumes some activities of daily living (like going to the grocery store, light chores, etc.) so that movement can count towards your general activity for the day, but I wouldn't count it as exercise.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

NORASPAT Posts: 52,786
11/4/13 8:22 A

I am confused. I read an article that raking the lawn doing house work were all included in fitness minutes. I do all of the manual labor at our home and time it. Now I am told they really are of little value and only real aerobic fitness minutes count. My OMRON stepper has steps taken daily and then it says Moderate steps. It apparently measures them separately so why do we add them all together as fitness minutes in the tracker. Gardening, yardwork rarely shows uo in hundreds of steps but putting in the hours and minutes it appears to completely confuse fact from fiction. The other article is just not correct, I wish I had never read it in fact it now appears to be fiction.

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