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9/30/11 1:02 P

Hi Kim,

I am a wedding planner, and of planned my own wedding 16 years ago!!!

I also have 40 pounds to loose an SP is fantastic resource... with a few thousand Brides as my clients I have been with them from beggining to end of the planning and the one thing I tell all Brides is to take care to stay healthy!!

You need to get a meal plan for 15 days increments, a great breakfast ( egg, whole wheat toast, a low fat glass of mild or sugar free yogurt and a piece of fruit. mid Am a few almonds or walnuts and a apple, Lunch a low fat sandwich and small bowl of soup or salad, and another piece of fruit such as strawberries, more water, mid afternoon when most of us have the fatigue lows we go for candy!!

So again snack on a huge apple, or pear, 10-12 grapes and a few almonds, and more water, then dinner time should be a large salad with lost of veggies , just dip your fork in the dressing instead of pouring it on like most of us love to do, eat a protein like beef 30 grams, or chicken breast,or tuna, or salmon, some rice and lentil's are good and more water.. No soda if you can, and for dessert a piece of fruit!

I need to loose 40 pounds, and this is what my Nutritionist is asking me to eat, I have cut out most all sugars.. this took a few weeks to sink in and now I do not craze the chocolate hersheys peanut butter cups and I was a addict for these mid afternoon!!

The water is soooo important and now I do not drink any type of soda!!

Chips were also a vice I had and now I just go for the Granny smith apple, it took a while to get hooked yet I feel and look better, I am trying to loose a pound a week or a pound every two weeks.

I walk 30 to 40 minutes a day, I am going to start Yoga as all my gal pals do it and they look amazing and lost weight!! When you get closer to the wedding date it can get a little more stressful so try to write down what you eat even those snacks that some how pop into our mouths!!

Enjoy the planning of your wedding and good luck!!

9/30/11 12:44 P


Getting healthy one day at a time, you are beautiful already, and your Fiancé loves you very much! So, the healthy weight loss will make you even more beautiful and help you to keep the stress lower.

Being a wedding planner I know far too many Brides to be that buy diet pills and go on strange rapid weight loss systems that littleraly are fatal to your health!

following healthy Diet makes every part of you look and feel fantastic, fitness in all forms is incredible way to de stress as wedding planning can be stressful at times!!

Good Luck, you have a year and that is perfect for keeping a healthy life and you will be a beautiful Bride!!

ARKERLIN Posts: 88
9/30/11 12:28 P

I'm an October 2012 bride as well! Congrats!

I made a motivational poster I keep in my bathroom. It has quotes to motivate me to stick to my plan every day. I also posted a picture of the wedding dress I want.

Try and remember the end goal: the day will go by fast and all that you will have left is the photographs. You want to be able to enjoy those pictures feeling happy about yourself.

You can do it!

9/27/11 9:35 A

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

I really try to keep healthy options only in the house, however, you have a challenge with your roommate and fiance keeping the junk food around. Find healthy alternatives that you like to their junk food. When they are eating chips and cookies, find something that is a "treat" to you, but has a healthier nutrition label.

My downfall is not at home, but when eating out. I love all the wrong foods, so when we go out, I want bread and chips and potatoes and pretty much anything fried. So, my fiance and I try to limit our eating out. I bring my lunch to work, and we try to only eat dinner out once during the week and only once during the weekend. This can be challenging because of our busy lifestyle, but we go to the grocery store on Sunday and Monday so we can plan out our meals for the rest of the week.

I think the most important thing about this is planning it out beforehand and write everything down. I don't want to look at my nutrition tracker at the end of the day and see that I have wasted some of my calories on empty fillers.

Good luck!

9/26/11 11:46 A

Hello Bride to be!! Congratulations! I am on Spark page as well, I am not a bride to Be yet a Wedding Planner in Puerto Vallarta and have been a Bride myself so know what it is like!!

First you need to write down what you are eating daily every little bite, Eat a well balanced diet ( scambelled egg, fruit, low fat milk frappes with fruit!! Eat sensible lunch, snack on apples, and a dinner no later than 7pm.,Lot´s of water, reduce coffee to one or two in the AM..

I have family that snack on chips. pizza, and soda sometimes and those are my downfall yet I just one day said I will stick to my guns!! If you can too you have a year to not only get your body in shape, you skin will be amazing, your hair too!! It is incredible how food and a little excersize every day will make a drastic change!

You do not want to wait until the 3 month point prior to your wedding to loose weight and excersize. That is the time that the wedding stress is at a high point and having low fuel and feeling tired and frazzled is not what you need! Stay positive, you can do it!!

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
8/30/11 2:03 P

One thing that helps is to not keep junk food in your house. I find I'm less likely to put forth the effort to go out and get it, whereas if it's in my home, I'll eat it.

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8/29/11 2:06 P

Hello. I just joined spark a few weeks ago. It was hard to get motivated, because I had a lot of junk food in my place. I live with my fiance and good friend, and they like their snacks. I finally brought in healthier food for me. I was on weight watchers a year ago and lost 40 pounds. I got stressed for personal reasons, and somehow I just got off of my diet and just ate the junk and other food. Sadly, it is so much easier to eat the junk instead of planning and making healthy foods. Anyways! I was looking to see how you stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise. I am planning my wedding, and also want to lose weight to be healthy and to look better in my gown! I am looking to lose 50 lbs before the wedding in October 2012, and I would love to see how you stick to your plan even when times get rough. Thanks!

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