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8/26/13 1:11 A

Thank you everyone for taking the time to share suggestions!!!

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8/24/13 5:05 A

Hi, DESCHROMA - I am glad that you have now realized where you need to be. I was really quite concerned about you.

Anyway, that isn't addressing your query - below is a link to a SP article that is brilliant for people in your situation:

Good luck :-)


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8/24/13 1:49 A

Increase your current portion sizes so have larger portions of pasta for example. Think dense breads for sandwiches like a bagel. Add granola to regular cereal. Dip veggies in dressing or nut butter. Stir fry veggies in olive oil. Snack on nuts and dried fruit if you get full easily. Take out the non fat items and switch to regular or at least low fat.
I agree about eating every few hours and at first you may feel full but your metabolic rate will increase and your body will adjust to more food where you will end up getting hungry again.

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8/23/13 1:19 P

Calories dense foods; Avocados, nuts, seeds, meats, fatty fish, eggs. Ditch the water (for now), drink liquid calories; milk, pure fruit juices, honey and milk in your tea.

Edited to add; Oatmeal! I made mine with milk, not water, and added sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds and some sugar and cinnamon on top. That was 300+ calories in only a small bowl.

I have been in your boat, it can be just as hard to gain weight as it is to loose it. My problem was that I felt full so fast, it was impossible for me to finish normal sized meals. Smaller and denser meals 6 times a day did the trick for me. Good luck!

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8/23/13 1:09 P

Jealous! :)

Add in some high-quality, real foods that are higher in calories and carbs. Maybe you need a once-a-day treat?

If it were me, I would have homemade ice-cream milkshakes with jam in them, homemade mac and cheese and homemade pizza.

Have you thought about maintaining your current eating patterns but just increasing your portion size by something like 20 or 30 %.

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8/23/13 11:01 A

Definitely quality, definitely protein and mix some heavy lifting in with that and you'll put those extra calories on as fat free mass instead of fat mass.

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8/23/13 9:25 A

I would focus most on QUALITY... yes, you're going to have to eat at a calorie surplus to gain, but you need to be cautious with what you're eating! Focus heavily on protein. As you've already been advised, strength training is going to be your key here, and for muscle gain, you need protein. That doesn't mean you neglect the rest of it, but protein will make it easier to gain weight and support muscle growth, while providing you with calorie-dense foods.

I'd also focus on calorie-dense healthy fats like olive oil and avocado.

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8/23/13 8:54 A

Happened to me too but it was my hormones that took the driver's wheel and forced me to eat. Started binge eating when I tried to up my calories to maintenance. They were all like; "What!? Food! MORE! MORE!" Eating more, opened up the flood gates of hunger for me and I gained back a bit more quickly than I would have liked... and I would have preferred to be the one in control over my late night food choices but it happened and even though I'm 15 lbs heavier (on a 5'2 frame), I'm still wearing the same size clothes I wore before the gain. Probably because I was strength training with heavy weights. Some of my gain was still fat but it seemed to go to the right places. Some more muscle. Unfortunately for me, I've exceeded the amount I wanted to gain because of this and am now trying to shed about 5 lbs again.

So just a word of warning... if you've been perpetually on a deficit, eating more may release the flood gates of hunger. Try to go up slowly so as not to shock your body. Strength train so the gain isn't all fat gain. Cut back on cardio and limit planned cardio to 30 mins 3x a week of HIIT. If you're not yet eating at maintenance, work your way up to it. That should be your first goal, by sneaking in an extra 100-200 cals per day, each week. Once you find yourself maintaining for about month. Then I would begin adding more calories, particularly to the days your strength train. Aim for a surplus of about 200 cals on your recovery days about 400 cals to your training days. That should give you around 1/2-1 lb/week gain. A slower gain like this will help ensure your body is using those extra cals to feed muscle and not store a lot of the excess as fat. From my experience though, when you're too skinny... a little fat gain is nice for getting back those womanly curves.

Of course increase your intake of healthy foods; not ice cream and chips. I think that probably goes without saying though but you don't have to be nearly as tight as you were while losing.

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8/23/13 8:19 A

Hey there again sparkers!

Well, it seems I took my eating and exercising habits too far (people on here warned me...but I didn't listen!) and I've lost a bit too much weight. I really want to reverse the trend, but I'm finding it difficult. I want to eat healthy and still exercise, but gain about 10 pounds. Any suggestions on how to do this?

Thanks so much!

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