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emoticon How wonderful. I love a man who changes his life and doesn't take what the doctor says. This is a lecture by Richard Bernstein MD who wrote "The Diabetes Diet". He has had Type 1 diabetes since age 12 and he is 78 now. He treated his diabetes and went to medical school, so he has an interesting story. Now he sees mostly Type 2 diabetics.

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3/29/13 1:37 P

To be specific, I'll be 69 on Thursday. (easy birthday to remember 4/4/44). I think I am in better shape now than when I was 50, though. I was 233 pounds, bad knees, shortness of breath, sedentary, etc. I got myself motivated when the doc said I would need supplemental oxygen. My Pulmonary Function was around 73% I went to Pulmonary rehab, and felt so much better, I started going to the gym regularly.

Today I am at 163 pounds, I work out at gym 3-4X a week, do Tai Chi classes 4-5X a week, hike trails at local park (3.5 miles). No pain in knees, no shortness of breath, and to the amazement of my new doc (old one died), my Pulmonary Function is at 97%!

Had cataract surgery last year. I had been VERY nearsighted since the age of 6. Now my distant vision is 20/20, but I do need reading glasses. I had bunion surgery in December and February, so my feet are in great shape again.

So looking forward to my 70's with optimism!


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