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9/4/13 11:59 A

thanks everyone! Really helpful

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9/3/13 1:13 P

It can if you want it to. I count anything that hydrates me. Others count only water. Some count anything they drink, period. The water tracker is for your use, so you can use it the way it works best for you!

9/3/13 1:13 P

Yes, all beverages count towards your fluid intake needs: milk, juice, coffee, tea, soda pop, diet drinks, etc. But each category has a limit when it comes to overall health.

It is your choice as to how many glass of plain water you want and how many from other types of beverages. This SP article gives more on the topic:

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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9/3/13 1:02 P


SIMARIA1 Posts: 383
9/3/13 12:42 P

This may sound a little silly but does the tea, coffee I drink count towards my daily water intake? I shoot for that 8 glass a day. Thanks!

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