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1/17/12 10:58 A

Thanks for all the replies I have phoned and booked an other appointment with my doctor. Hope to get some sensible advice this time.

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1/17/12 10:02 A

Most people don't realize they can get dehydrated even in winter because of the dry air. But, if you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, what did your doctor recommend to increase your hydration ?

Do you eat enough fresh fruit and veggies ? Most people don't realize they do get some of their water needs from the foods they eat. If you're not eating enough fresh fruit, you might try increasing your servings. that would increase the amount of water you take in.

Do you pee a lot ? I know if I drink a lot of tea, I'm off to the bathroom. but, I keep drinking my fluids because I know it's important to stay hydrated.

If your doctor didn't recommend anything, you could consider seeking a second opinion.

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1/17/12 12:47 A

You aren't on any diuretics, are you? (sometimes these are used to treat high blood pressure). It seems strange you would be dehydrated by the sounds of things. Maybe next time you are at the doctor's office ask what makes him think that (was it your bloodwork he was looking at? Or was he pinching you skin? Or looking at skin or mouth dryness?)

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1/16/12 6:12 P


Hydration rates vary just like everything else. There is no scientific data supporting the 8 glasses per day standard that so many of us have come to know.

How is your doctor measuring your hydration? What is his recommendations? Hydration levels vary even for individuals depending on the environment they are in or the activities you are doing, so I am a tad perplexed as to how he is determining your hydration.

Remember too, that dehydration can be reversed, but over-hydration can lead one to go hyponatremic (low potassium levels) which can be fatal. Although this condition is quite rare, you need to talk with your doctor about what he feels you need to do for your hydration.

Coach Nancy

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1/16/12 5:21 P

What did your doctor suggest in how to get more hydrated? I would follow his/her suggestions. We also get a lot of water from our foods - like fruits and veggies so make sure you're eating a good amount of those.

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1/16/12 4:56 P

Feeling rather mad at the moment. Been drinking my 8 + glasses of water a day yet the doctor still told me i'm dehydrated!!!
Help! Any ideas as to why this could be happening or how i solve it?

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