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When it comes water there really is no standard of intake because our needs vary. Many experts are now recommending drinking to thirst. In other words, if you find yourself thirsty, then drink. However, if you are finding yourself drinking more and this is not the norm for you, you may want to contact your doctor just to be certain there are not other reasons for this.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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I know the 8x8 rule isn't exactly accurate. While the extra water doesn't hurt, it really isn't a necessity most of the time because we get water from foods, water-based beverages, etc.

But I am going to school in Helena, MT, and typically the winters are very cold and very dry. I often drink as much water and liquid as I can (and I rarely take caffeine), but I still find I am thirsty. I have a small stomach, and upping water intake usually makes me feel uncomfortable or I can't eat enough- but just how much water do you need in cold, dry, and high climates, compared to moderates?

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