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SHERYLDS Posts: 17,483
3/17/14 4:33 P

as nice as a pretty pitcher with a fruit insert looks...I just as well add a half cup of juice to a whole pitcher and leave it in the fridge. Fruit is getting expensive. There are plenty of unsweetened fruit juices that I can use when I want flavor in my water or ice tea.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/17/14 3:48 P

you can make infused water without a special bottle - just put your fruit and ice in the glass (or pitcher). that might be a good way to go, to determine if you like infused water, before investing in a special container. they do look pretty, though.

how long you infuse the fruit kind of depends what you're putting in. some fruits disperse into the water fairly quickly (citrusy things, for example), other fruits take a bit longer to leech out into the water. Some fruits are best if you "muddle" them a bit (i.e. blackberries, or herbs like mint) to get the flavour to come out a bit better.

GLORYB83 Posts: 54,374
3/17/14 3:37 P

I've been debating about buying a water infusion bottle/container and need some info. I thought perhaps I'd drink more water if it was flavoured and ready to drink, just waiting in the fridge!

The ones I saw were plastic with a part going down the center of them to add fruits, etc. If you use one, do you like it? What fruits do you put in it to flavour the water? Does it hold much water? How long before you change the fruit & put in fresh?

Thanks in advance, I'm really leaning towards getting one but it's great to get people's opinion about how they like/dislike theirs.

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