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Hi Patrick

1. Yep water is free, and in some parts of the world tap water is great, safe and healthy! If someone lives where it's not, they can purchase filters and never have to buy bottled water again.

2. There is no mandatory water intake. The idea of half your weight is ludicrous. Like many 'multiply your weight' guidelines, they work only for 'average weight' people. Anything that tells you you need over 200oz of water a day is not a good guide for you to use. Most places recommend, if anything, 8 glasses (64oz). If you're thirsty after your 8 by all means drink more, but there's absolutely no reason in the world that you should be drinking more than 64oz unless you feel you need it.

3. Bottles freeze very well. Water expands though - so you can't fill a bottle then freeze it. That is probably what you're doing. Just make sure your bottles are 4/5 full to allow room for the ice to expand. Also, if possible, leaving a lid off and keeping it upright until frozen will allow the ice to push the air out rather than compress it. Don't know if that makes a difference, but it might help with bottles bursting.

4. Yep - absolutely thousands of smartphone apps to do reminders! Most phones have it built in, even with a downloaded app. You don't need a "water reminder" you just plug "drink water" into your reminder system and let it do the work for you.

5. Good on you for identifying your own weak and strong times! Now that you know that, you can be more aware of water in the winter and spring and try harder at that time of year to ensure you're getting at least your 64oz!

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Ok, how do we get this 1 situation under control and make this goal each day without fail.

1st Water is free, yes we can buy it, but with filters and such we can use tap water.

2nd What tricks do you use to make sure you get your mandatory intake of water, like for me it is suppose to be 1/2 my body weight in ounces, being 414lbs, that would be 207 ounces of water, I think too much, but then 100 would be okay by me, yet I admit I hardly ever make it.

3rd. I love cold water, for me it is easier to drink, any tricks here, I tried freezing it , but I broke too many bottles open, it seems plastic doesn't freeze well.

4th Maybe there is some Smartphone apps that help remind you to drink during the day, and maybe a snack too, as for me sometimes time goes by and I forget, it happens ... unfortunately.

5th Summertime may be easier, but winter and spring is tougher to get the water, even if calorie free, stuff is added, like Mio or crystal lite, not my taste though.


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