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DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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Posts: 2,072
8/25/13 8:50 A

I think you should increase your calories a little. Just my opinion though!

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
8/24/13 3:51 P

Perhaps it was lot of salt!

ALBERTJON SparkPoints: (3,133)
Fitness Minutes: (7,415)
Posts: 1,299
8/23/13 10:02 P

Laura: Sometimes too little calories for too long can make the metabolism slow down too much.

Also, the bulk in our systems, the water weight, etc. can make quite a difference when we weigh in.

For example: today I drank a lot of water, drank several cups of coffee, ate apples, bananas, baby carrots, etc. and this evening was "up" two pounds. Actually, if I weigh-in tomorrow morning, I will easily have lost those pounds, especially if I weigh-in after using the RR.

Eat healthy and stay the course! You will be happy with yourself! You are doing great in maintenance. One pound is meaningless, in my opinion.

LAURMI Posts: 36
8/23/13 6:05 P

Yes, I've seen a loss before. I started WW at 179.6 in 2007 and have maintained at 138 - 143 ever since. It hasn't been easy, so when the scale jumps a few pounds and wont back down no matter what I do, I've sort of freak out. Sigh....I just feel like I spend so much time and energy into this and it's not even getting me anywhere. Thanks for listening to me vent.

Side note....I was down to 133 for my wedding last September so I'm feeling a lil pudgy given that I've put 13 pounds on since then. Granted, I wasn't eating much and working out 7 days a week, it just stinks to look at those photos and then look in the mirror and know I don't look like that anymore.


RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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8/23/13 9:42 A

You don't have to be perfect to lose weight, you just have to be persistent. I assume you have seen losses in the past? Odds are you will again. If you look at my weight tracker you'll see several weeks when my weight has gone up. I wasn't doing anything different then than I was when I lost weight. And you know you didn't eat too much. So have faith; it's just water.

One little thing, though, I always get a little nervous when I see someone talking about 1200 calories being "perfect" and also working out at the same time. The SP lowest range is actually 1200-1550, and those extra couple hundred of calories it would take to stay in the middle of the range are actually useful, for most people, including in weight loss efforts (helps prevent binging, among other things). Don't kill yourself to get a perfect 1200 calories unless you are absolutely positive -- and have the background experience to prove it -- that you can't lose weight on anything more than that. It's unlikely to help you significantly, and it has the potential to set you back. There are a lot of people here who've seen a slowing or stoppage of weight loss from eating too little, then start losing again once they add a couple hundred calories a day. One week is far, far too soon to suggest that's happening to you, but just keep it in mind and don't try to be perfect! It's not necessary.

DELNAC SparkPoints: (192)
Fitness Minutes: (435)
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8/23/13 9:17 A

Hi, I know how you feel. I've had the same problem this week and it's my first week with Sparkpeople. I feel like I've eaten healthier this week and worked harder on fitness than ever.
I'm going to stay positive and keep going but I really need results this week! emoticon

8/23/13 8:57 A

If you've started new exercises , it could just be water retention to do with your muscles. It's frustrating when the scale doesn't cooperate, but remember that those things you did this week were healthy for you!

PDAN04 SparkPoints: (21,346)
Fitness Minutes: (15,886)
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8/23/13 8:24 A

Are you sure 1200 is enough and were the calories you ate quality calories?

CAROLINAGIRL69 SparkPoints: (119,591)
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8/23/13 8:02 A

Maybe it's hormonal? That's what I keep telling myself anyway. ;-)

LAURMI Posts: 36
8/23/13 7:39 A

Feeling super discouraged right now! :( I stuck to 1200 calories all week and went to the gym 4 days....yet I gained a pound. Grrr. My weigh in was 146.6 last Friday and today it was 147.2. It might not seem like much, but I was so determined all week and was looking forward to a loss. What gives?


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