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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
10/27/13 1:13 P

The idea that these " healthy " people got diabetes, more importantly means that they didn't overeat, since they are slim. They ate the proper # of calories to be of average size.

WHAT they ate matter a lot more than how much. They ARE NOT healthy people, they just don't overeat, and have personal trainers. They have a disease, and obviously eat poorly, as evidenced by getting the disease. The thinking that even healthy people can get diabetes, seems to say, well, if Tom Hanks can get it, it is inevitable for me. I am pretty sure Tom Hanks ate a horrible diet while on the set of his movies, and that is why he has diabetes.

Probably a diet high in carbs, which is why most people have diabetes. I used to be on meds for diabetes, and high cholesterol, and got off of them both with low carb eating. I eat about the same amount of calories as I did back then, but weigh 202, instead of 361. I have now been off the meds for 3.5 years.

Diabetes isn't inevitable. it is predictable, but solvable. Let me feed Tom Hanks for a year, and he would have a HgA1C below 6.0. Diabetes would disappear if we just accepted the cure, instead of calling it dangerous. We get fat, and have high blood sugar because of changing to a high carb diet in the 1970's. Reversing this diet, reverses your high blood sugars. Get rid of the carbs, especially the bad ones... sugar, processed foods, and starches, as well as grains.

10/24/13 10:17 P

This is an interesting discussion. As a Diabetic Type 1.5 who was incorrectly diagnosed with Type 2 in 1999, I can so relate to the lack of eduction issues, food issues, and such. I'm amazed at the lack of nutrition knowledge among physicians and other medical personnel. Everything I've learned in the last 14 years has been because I went out there and sought the information.

Kudos to you, TinierTina, for what you do!

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
10/12/13 1:06 P

Not just the "fat, lazy people with no self control problem" but diabetes (especially Type 2 diabetes) carries multiple stigmas and has been demonized much more than high blood cholesterol ever was, because it is:

1. Associated with poverty
2. Associated with childhood poverty
3. Associated with correlating factors/possible results of the above two, e.g. obesity and childhood obesity
4. Snubbed by the USDA pyramid and the grain lobbies in their decades-long promotions of balanced and carbohydrate-intensive maintenance and reducing diets
5. Associated with certain ethnic and minority groups (even a few economically high-achieving, genetically slender ones!?!! - of all ironies!!)
6. Associated with aging (and you know how aging folks are treated in America)
7. Could cause misdiagnosis of a type 1 case as a type 2 in a child under 10--if the child is overweight or obese - which could result in the untimely death of that child for treatment of unheeded complications due to inadquate treatment for that type 1
8. Is high maintenance to treat and prevent complications of (even without injectable medications)

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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10/12/13 12:32 P

Actually, I was watching the Letterman show when Tom Hanks made that announcement -- and Letterman immediately said, "Me, too." I think their public acknowledgement IS significant and might do a lot of good for society.

Both Hanks and Letterman are thin, fit, and get great health care. Seeing these 2 respected men who take good care of themselves acknowledge that they go to doctors regularly and struggle with these things just like the rest of us helps raise public awareness of some of truth about Type II diabetes -- it's not just a disease of "lazy fat people who have no self control."

Reasearch has well-documented that men tend to shy away from going to the doctor -- and that physician avoidance has shortened the lives of many husbands, fathers, friends, etc. over the generations. By publicly acknowledging their situaions, maybe a few people will become better informed -- and they serve as role models that save a few lives in the long run.

That's why Hanks' announcement is a worthy news item. As a health care provider, I am greatful to both men for helping in the fight against diabetes by publically acknowledging their conditions and their efforts to live long, healthy lives.

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
10/12/13 10:02 A

Um, seriously, too ... daddy issues play into this JCBABY27 :

My father had dementia for many, many years starting in his prime of life ... He also had serious cholesterol issues (untreated, but in those days they did not prescribe drugs left and right - he also hated and avoided most doctors) ... the rest of my siblings--most of them treated--for high cholesterol passed down. None of them became diabetic (one of them developed another condition more easily though due to statins "working their magic" I believe ..)

Dementia is just another name for Diabetes Type 3 ...

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10/12/13 9:35 A

I heard this on the radio on my way to work this past week. Tom Hanks says that he got it through gaining and losing weight so many times for different movie roles. I couldn't help but think "who cares?"

I mean, yeah, it is a big deal for him, but 18.8 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes in America (including type I, type II, LADA, MODY), along with 7 million people walking around the country undiagnosed. This doesnt even include those who have blood glucose levels considered prediabetic! It is just disgusting that society cares enough to make a big deal out of a celebrity getting diagnosed, when this is an every day thing.

I believe it really comes down to lack of education on diabetes. People think it can't happen to healthy people when in reality-- it can happen to anyone and everyone.

Sorry for the rant. I see things like this every day in my work

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
10/12/13 9:10 A

I do not follow, in any orthodox fashion, South Beach or Atkins ...

My eating plan ... from its relatively "high" [LOW to the developed, non-insulin sensitivity impaired world, of course] (maintenance) calorie count to its signature (undressed, iceberg) lettuce binges, follows many of the tenets of Sports Nutrition. I had finely refined my maintenance plan using a plan called RockTheScales a few years ago ...

Given my personality how could I EVER do Atkins at all ? [Except, briefly, Atkins 1.0 when I'd been 17 and it first came out in Cosmopolitan Magazine ... and it worked like a dream for me ... but I'd been caught up by being a highly competitive college student at the time, and had to drop it ...]

I use Glucerna shakes and those little Glucerna mini snack bars--and I'm not trying to lose any more weight, but they are convenient [and necessary] The next few years, as more and more "non stereotypical"-weight Type 2s get diagnosed (and they will) and - more importantly - have an interest in self-helping their treatment ... there will be more non-weight-loss products of that nature on the market. Already, one example is the Glucerna Advance shakes ...

My problem has hereditary components, as I had been treated with statin drugs for over 17 years for hereditary high blood cholesterol before being diagnosed with diabetes. Ironically, eating higher fat (but still lean) red meat does not raise my sugars significantly, and is a WORLD more satisfying than the more flexy plans I'd been on ten years prior ...

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,293
10/12/13 8:48 A

I agree that's it's not ALL about calories, but it's not ALL about carbs either...complex carbs are recommended and refined carbs should be avoided because starch has to be broken down through digestion before your body can use it as a glucose source.

Avoid high glycemic foods such as soda, processed carbs, sugar, etc., they just raise your insulin levels which makes your body want to hold onto fat.

I also agree "everyone" should have an A1C test yearly, as my pre-diabetes wasn't found in other tests. If their doctor doesn't run one they should ask to have it done! It would have made my life so much easier if I had done so.

I also agree that many diseases are caused by lack of nutrition....since my blood sugars are normal I no longer have any aches, pains, migraines.......nothing, zip, nada!

I learned fiber and water are a diabetic's best pals ...I ate a low carb, low sodium, low sugar diet and I am no longer pre-diabetic and lost 98 lbs. which I have now kept off for 3 years this Jan.

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10/12/13 6:31 A

I'm glad you are sharing your experience. I sincerely believe it will help others. :)

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
10/11/13 1:34 P

Absolutely right - it's the garbage carbs, and especially the processed foods, that have done so many things to us. We're still being advised in the same general direction by most "experts", unfortunately. Until we catch up with the current science, and start *really looking at* where the previous recommendations came from, I have expectations that the same diseases will continue to proliferate. It's bad enough for adults. I hate to see it happening more and more in children.

But there's hope. Research is ongoing to support ways to prevent or ameliorate many dietarily-related health issues. Hope it comes in time.

DANILSHEP SparkPoints: (13,030)
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10/9/13 11:40 A

Good luck on staying healthy and keeping your carb count down. Its great that you are not letting your diagnosis hold you back. Keep up the good work!

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
10/9/13 11:26 A

Well, now that Tom Hanks has announced to the world that he has Type 2 diabetes ...
A trim, well regarded actor getting it at Age 57 - and severely ... ?

Of course, I've had my case for going on 9 months now ... I believe mine had not been caught early either (but then, I had been underinsured and thus no HgA1C test had been ordered) ...

I want to tell the world that it is not really about the calories ... for many of us, it is about the carbs ...

I want to tell the world that Jedi mind tricks are NOT required ... to control one's appetite ...

I told my former (very former) yoga teacher, The Yoga Teacher to the Future Yoga Rock Stars ... that he could jabber about my test, my purpose (my karma/dharma) in life was to get Diabetes ...

And I told him right back, no - because of this, I was supposed to be teaching about nutrition (avocationally, of course!)

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