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4/12/14 6:59 A

While stretching as part of a warm up used to be a staple of exercise advice, in recent years, the research has come out strongly that you shouldn't stretch cold muscles.

Warm up with light cardio, light weight reps, etc. But leave the stretching until AFTER your workout.


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4/11/14 10:47 A

I typically will stretch for a few minutes and then hop on the treadmill/go outside and run a mile before strength training. I would definitely utilize some combination of stretching and light cardio before you hit the weights.

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4/11/14 9:50 A

Before I do strength training I do 10 minutes of treadmill and then another 10 of stretching and yoga poses. Works like a charm and my Strength Training flows so much nicer~

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4/9/14 8:29 A

The point of warming up before ST is to get the synovial fluid in the joints mobile, and depending on the cardio activity chosen, could do very little in that respect. Let's say you hop on the recumbent bike - gets the joints in your lower body moving, but almost nothing in the upper body. Even walking on the treadmill does not get the joints moving in the full ROM.

I suggest forgoing the cardio machines for some joint mobility dynamic stretches.

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4/9/14 7:56 A


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4/8/14 9:03 P

You should warm up about 5 minutes. The main areas should be whatever you're planning on working. And when you're done, don't forget to cool down too. Have fun! emoticon

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4/8/14 8:01 P

pretty much. Anything to get your muscles a little warm.

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4/8/14 5:34 P


I will be doing this at home. Jogging in place or jumping Jack's maybe would suffice?

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4/8/14 4:43 P

The trainers at the gym I work at have people step on the treadmill or elliptical at an easyish pace for about 7-10 minutes before they do anything more serious... sometimes treadmill sideways or backwards emoticon

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4/8/14 4:31 P

Some light cardiovascular exercise will do. You could start on the rowing machine for 5-10 minutes. You could hit the elliptical. You could do some walking lunges. I'll start with a set of push ups. But I have a 15 minute walk to the gym. That's my warm up.

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4/8/14 4:02 P

How long? And, what to do?


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