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The only thing you want to make sure you get enough of is protein. Without enough protein you cannot build any muscle. You can get in enough protein by simply including things like Eggs, Peanut butter, Greek Yogurt, etc into your diet. For example, I will often boil about 5hard boiled eggs at a time and keep them in the fridge. This means that I can go and grab a hard boiled egg when I want one (whether it's to add to dinner, a salad, or for a snack) without having to worry about prepping it.

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5/15/13 8:07 A

You may find some helpful tips in this Ask the Expert question and answer.

Q: I'm trying to build muscle while losing weight. Any advice?


Coach Tanya

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If you want to build muscle on a calorie deficit (which btw, you can do... I did). You're going to have to aim to lose weight slowly with a deficit of no more than -10% to -20% TDEE with a few days a week at maintenance or close to it. You'll have to get enough protein for muscle repair. General rule of thumb is 1g per pound of body weight. Don't neglect your complex carbs. Every meal should include a protein and a complex carb. Low fat isn't necessary. Just ensure you're getting enough protein and complex carbs. Choose healthy fats, of course.

Learn how to strength train properly. Lift heavy and move up in weight once you can lift more than 8-12 reps in good form. Push yourself each set to the point you cannot possibly perfrom another rep in good form (but don't injure yourself). Learn proper form. My program has been doing a JM video and then a split group strength training program after, about 4-5 exercises. Put more emphasis on your ST than your cardio. I do circuit training on my ST days and metabolic resistance training alternate days.

Don't be afraid to eat, especially if you do a lot of cardio on top. I'm 5'2 108 lbs and eat at least 1500 cals a day while losing weight with a couple days at maintenance or above. I create an approximate 1/2 lb fat loss per week.

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There's no such thing as "toning". It is a beauty industry myth.

Do you want to reduce body fat to expose existing muscles beneath, or build up muscles and increase muscle size?

The first requires a lower calorie diet and watching what you eat. The second requires a calorie surplus and may lead to increased body fat (people normally go through cycles of cut fat and gain muscle as it's virtually impossible to do both at once).

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I run 3 miles a day and strength train every other day. I would like to drop a few pounds and become more toned but I haven't had much luck with it since I turned 30. My diet does need some tweaking but it is hard to do that since I have a tight budget, 4 picky kids and a VERY picky husband. If I watch my calorie count will I be able to get toned without changing the types of foods I eat or do I need to go on a lowfat diet to see muscles?

BTW...I only drink water and I'm 5'3" 123lbs.

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