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3/20/13 11:47 A

It is tough when parents aren't supportive of you or your decisions. I know my mom is like that- Very judgemental and has some serious boundary issues.

That said, the only person in life you can control is YOU. You know you need to be healthier, so do just that, even if you only take smalls steps- Like taking walks once a day for 15 minutes and making sure to eat at least 1 fruit or 1 vegetable with every meal. Tracking your food, as suggested by others, is a fantastic idea, especially if you are doing to see a dietician. Be meticulous- track every sip, nibble, gulp or bite.

Your name is NinjaChic- So Ninja the heck out the this. You might have to do this on your own, without your families approval or assistance. You might not be able to talk to them about this. You may just have to do it. And you can DO IT!

Go out there and be awesome- Because I can tell that you are already.


DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/20/13 9:30 A

I agree with the below advice. Actually tracking your food intake for the next several weeks will help the doctor as well as the dietician. You can make some changes like the water and maybe adding veggies with each meal. But i am sure the dietician will want to see what you are eating. I know when I went to a nutritionist, she had me track for two weeks before my next appointment. This way at least you can be ahead of the game.

Explain to your mom why being healthy is important to you and seeing a doctor/dietician is a necessary step for you. it is your body. It is your life. Your parents can't live it for you.

3/19/13 7:31 P

Are you an adult? If so, then your mother really shouldn't have any say regarding whether you see a doctor or not.

There seems to be some pretty serious boundary issues going on in your life. Why wouldn't your mother want you to be healthy? Seriously. Does she have a reason why she wouldn't want you to be healthy? (For the record, my mother doesn't want ME to be healthy. So the answer to that question is not always a simple one.)

As for your room, you have a couple of choices. You could try explaining to everyone that your room is your room. That's why it's called YOUR room. Their room is their room. That's where their stuff belongs. If their stuff doesn't fit in their room, then maybe they need to consider that they might have too much stuff. (Time for a yard sale!) OR if you are a minor, and your mother is setting requirements for your room, you can suggest giving up your room to someone else who would like the biggest room. Take a smaller one with less crap in it. See how THEY like it.

While it's best to consult a doctor before heading on the Spark People journey, there are things you can do to start making positive improvements in your life. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Give up soda if you drink it. Start tracking everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you consume during a day, to get an idea of where you are. Try getting a bit of exercise in. Nothing fancy. Try ten minutes. Make small changes. That's what pretty much everyone around here recommends.

Good luck to you. Be brave. You are obviously strong, because even though you're being told "no" by the people in your life, you are STILL here on SP! You can do this!

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3/19/13 4:00 P

I told my mother I want to schedule a doctors appointment soon so that I can get some help getting my eating and exercising on the right foot so to speck. And she dose not want me to I told her that my insurance will cover transportation to the doctors appointments as well as dietitians appointments. And she still thinks its a bad idea. She looked at me and said well would good would it do to go to a dietitian if you don't even clean your room. But the reason why I don't clean my room is because I have 4 adults and 2 kids in my house and I have a lot of there stuff in my room. I have a stroller as well as tubs of baby close and my mothers motorized wheelchair. I think its called a power chair. And I live i a mobile home. Since my room is the biggest they all put there junk in my room.

So I don't think cleaning my room has anything to do with me wanting to loss weight or see a doctor or dietitian. My health is also at risk if I don't start doing something. I am currently 365 and my mother has type 2 diabetes and my grandmother has type 1 my uncle has type 1 and my grandmother has had cancer my father died of cancer and my grandmother also has a pacemaker do to heart disease.

Last time I was at a doctors appointment I was I think I was around 330 something. And I was healthy other the high blood pressure and lack vitamin D. Other then that I was ok but I put o over 30 pounds since last year. I want to start doing something for myself but since everyone that lives inn my house is on the smaller side its hard to make them understand I'm worried about my weight and all they do is judge me.

I want to go to a doctors appointment sometime in April maybe the first week and then make a dietitians appointment for the week after that way I will have a better start to the summer this year compared to last year.

Any advice on what to do about my family would be great.Thank you and god bless.

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