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Thank you both. This has been an everyday struggle for me and I will continue to try to become better and better with each passing day. It's nice to know that there are others who are going through and who have gone through what I am currently dealing with. Your suggestions will not go unheard. I will try them all. Thank you.

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Two of the biggest symptoms of hypothyroid are low energy and depression. These may be playing a huge role in how you feel right now. Talk to your doctor or endocrinologist about it, and they can help adjust your thyroid meds and it may help dramatically. If you're not eating well, take a daily multivitamin supplement. Many people with thyroid disorders are particularly sensitive to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can also contribute to that lethargic, crappy feeling.

Try to take it one day at a time, one hour at a time if you need to. I was a single mom to my oldest son before I met my husband, and I know it's not easy being everything to everyone. When you go to the park, start out by committing to playing with them for just 10 minutes of whatever they want to do. Then rest if you need to. Just like any other activity change, introduce it in steps and work up to playing the whole time. I have two under three (they are 16 months apart) who run me ragged, believe me I am absolutely exhausted by the end of the day, and I don't have a life outside of home/school either. Every day stressors really add up when you don't have relief from them, I know. What helps me is setting aside time to meditate every day, even if the only time I get is my five minute naptime shower. It doesn't fix everything, but it makes the day a little easier. Just keep reminding yourself that it won't always be this way, eventually they'll both be older and you will have more time for you.

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First, deep breaths. You are doing fine. Your boys know you love them.

Second, you can do this. Look around SP for healthy snack ideas. Get somehealthy kids cookbooks. If you want activities to do with your kids, try letting them help you make a simple, healthy snack. My 2 year old, while completely unhelpful, loves to help me in the kitchen, as does my, more helpful, 10 year old.

Third, sneak exercise in. Take your boys to a park with a trail. Let them run a bit, while you walk. Get a kids yoga video & see if they'll do it with you.

Take a book outside or to thepark with you or something else you enjoy so you can have something to do while they play.

Having been a single mom at one point in my life, I know its important to get some time for you. Whether its getting someone tow atch the kids so you can go out and blow off steam or simply enjoy a bath or a TV show without the constant, "MOMMYMOMMYMOMMY!" that comes with little kids.

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I am not new to Sparkpeople, but I am new to the message boards. I always felt I didn't need the advice or support of strangers..maybe I'm wrong?

I am a mother of two boys under 3 who definitely know how to get under my skin. They probably just need to get out more, but I'm not exactly the type to just sit out back or go to the park which makes me feel like I'm not a good mother. I know I should be doing these things both for them and to get a little more active myself. I'm not terribly overweight, in fact some people may get angry at me for being so down about my weight, but I am the biggest I have ever been and have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. There are times that I hate my life. All I do is work, raise my boys (on my own), and that's it. I don't work out, I don't go out with friends, and I certainly don't eat well. I want to be different. I want to be someone who is comfortable in their skin. Someone who can play with their children outdoors and enjoy it. Someone who can be happy with their everyday life with it's everyday stressors. I'm going back to school in the fall and I fear that will just give me another excuse to eat terribly and not exercise, but msotly I fear it will give me another excuse to not be as active a parent as I know I should be. I'm all my boys have and I'm doing it all wrong. I am showing my boys that it's ok to do nothing about your health as long as you're living life responsibly (ie work and school). I've gone on and on and honestly am afraid to hit "Post Message" because I've never discussed this with anyone, not even my closest family members know how I truly feel about where I am in life right now...

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