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12/6/12 11:13 P

Don't those skinny mini's just make you sick? lol

It does make it tough when your hubby isn't there. I know that it isn't the same, but my Chubby Hubby is an over the road driver who is gone for days at a time. We see eachother about 10 days out of the month which leaves me spending a majority of my time alone. If you are anything like me, that's when the emotional eating kicks in. Boy, does that suck! lol

Anyway, thank you for sharing with me. If you need a little boost of support or anything let me know. I'll be more than happy to help :)

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12/6/12 3:06 P

I feel you here. I moved from AZ to CA a little over a year ago and knew no one except my husband who was actually my boyfriend at the time. Then he left for Afghanistan for 7 months and I was left with the few friends I had made. All of the friends I have made are super thin (think 9 months pregnant and still weighing under 120 lb kind of thin). So I also understand that your friends just dont understand it at all. Im in the process of starting over, or getting back on track however you prefer to look at it. I am currently at the highest weight I have ever been at in my life, and I am not happy with what I see. My husband has the insane ability to eat what he wants and still lose weight as long as he exercises, I can't do that. It just wont work for me. Well I guess to make a long story short, we are both in the same boat so if you ever need anything just let me know :-)

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12/6/12 9:05 A

Thanks so much! I will :)

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12/6/12 1:21 A

3 years ago I moved away from all my family and friends so I totally get the loneliness feeling and the lack of support (I have done most of my weight loss efforts in secret from my husband as he thought I was just being silly).

Feel free to send me messages if you need some extra support!

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12/5/12 10:40 P

I feel a little awkward putting this out there but I really don't have a support system. We moved out of state and I have no family and very few friends (those that I do have are super thin and don't understand) around to share this with. My husband says that he is supportive but his actions speak louder than words, like, getting upset that I don't want pizza on Sunday nights anymore. I know that this may appear a little pathetic and lame but I promise that I am actually a pretty cool, laid back chick who is also a bit of a nerd emoticon

Thanks for reading my want ad! lol

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