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Thank you both for your comments.

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10/8/12 6:51 A

I agree with Coach Nancy. If you are doing a LOT of exercise, then it is probably better to set your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) based on total weekly calories burned (in a typical week), rather than minutes.

Spark uses this information to come up with an intake recommendation.


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If you go to your Start Page in the My Progress and Goals section on the left hand side of the page where it reads, Calories burn this week, you will want to verify the amount of calories you are burning each week. If this figure is less or more than what you are expending you will want to click on the change link and manually change this number. Remember, though, this may or may not have an effect on your calorie range.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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10/7/12 8:49 P


I do competitive walking and train every week. At this time I am doing on average 19 to 24 miles a week with Saturday being what is called long walk. Averaging my workout throughout the week to what I do in minutes even though it does vary each week some with distances. Please remind me how to go in and check as if I am starting fresh without doing so, to see if I am eating as I should. Thank you.

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