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C-MERRIE11 Posts: 748
8/1/13 10:30 A

First off, I love spark. Thanks for all the encouragement! Sounds like I'll be able to do this. I didn't get back out running right away, I focused on some of my dance conditioning, and didn't start running for exercise till about 6 months PP, and Im 9 months PP now. I've been building my base mileage very very slowly since my knee has been weird (prolly due to hip change). My DH is suggesting that once I get it to a decent mileage to really turn my sights to the speedwork, like, embrace the track workouts. Sounds like from reading the runnersworld threads as suggested this is pretty common since your pelvis tilts, and that with a bit of nursing it through lots of speedwork and form work, you can regain speed... Im also incorporating more hip and hamstring strengthening. So... now to find a good speed focused training plan for once I finall hit 30mpw (yeesh :) ). Thanks again for the great suggestions and support!

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7/31/13 1:23 P

anecdotal evidence from dozens of running mom friends:

- you will start regaining pre-pregnancy speed by 4 months PP, provided you ran through most/all of your pregnancy and restarted as soon as possible.
- post-partum running will suck, but if you train hard through it (tempo runs, track workouts, hills with a decent base mileage), you will get a speed burst that happens between 6-12 months PP.

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7/31/13 12:05 P

Like the others have said, give it time. I felt like my running was funny for a year after my first full marathon. I was slower and just felt like I was plodding along (note: I have never held a sub-10 minute mile over multiple miles) . . . one day it just clicked again. Keep putting in the miles and following your training, and I imagine things will click for you at some point.

If you have the money and don't want to wait, you may look into a local running coach.

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7/31/13 11:43 A

I know that your hips change shape during pregnancy so that would definitely affect your stride and your gait won't be the same as it was pre-pregnancy so that might just be something you have to get used to (the different stride, not the 11min/mile pace). This has got to be a topic thoroughly explored on the forums at Runner's World so maybe search around the forums there?

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7/31/13 11:30 A

It sounds like you're doing all the right things- maybe ask in a running group to see if they have any suggestions? I know your gait changes after pregnancy but you should be able to get your speed back up!

C-MERRIE11 Posts: 748
7/31/13 10:43 A

Hiya! So- prepregnancy my usual pace was about 9-9:30 mph, which I was just fine with given my build and how much of my 'fitness' was oriented towards running (did a lot of dance). Then I got pregnant :) and despite running/jogging all the way till something like my 35th week of pregnancy, I have slowed down considerably. I am now 'running' at about 11 mph (which is better than the 11:30 mph I was doing when I first got back out... Ahhh!) I'm about to run a half marathon, and after that want to build my base mileage up. BUT I also want to regain some speed- ie, I dont wanna be a jogger. And Im no slouch- I exercise 5-6 days a week, plus walking and playing with my crazy baby boy. I do incorporate speed work on my shorter runs, intervals, tempo runs, etc, and hae a couple longer runs.... But I just can't seem to get into a good clip, my form is all weird, body feels way different. Any advice?? And I know everyone feels differently about jogging/running, but I would really love to be sub-10mph which really isnt outrageous ;)

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