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1/14/13 11:43 A

I have found the training schedules at to be very effective. I've used them to train for everything from 10k races to full marathons. Most recently, I did a half-marathon 6 months after having my son last year. I am not a "runner", but I enjoy doing it for fun. I follow the beginner or intermediate schedules on his website.

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1/14/13 9:41 A

Try to find some training programs for 10k's (6.2 miles). You can google search "10k training programs" and you'll get a bunch of results.

JENAMANDA Posts: 165
1/14/13 9:39 A

The couch to 10k program is a really good bet. As you already run, you can start at the intermediate or advanced runner level which will challenge you while encouraging you at the same time. In addition, strength training and other cardio exercises that will help to build you endurance and keep you moving.

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1/14/13 8:46 A

Honestly, with ST, it is more about the quality of your lifting, than frequency. Indeed with a 72 hour rest between ST sessions, you will get a better recovery and more benefit out of each ST session, so the difference between 2 and 3 sessions per week is fairly minimal. Focus on lifting heavy (ie. fatiguing your muscles in 12 reps or less), and you will be fine.

Most training plans combine longer slower runs with faster shorter runs to work on different aspects of fitness. So even if you are running 4 times per week, with 6 miles as your objective, the weekly total is likely to be less than 24 miles.


CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,973
1/14/13 8:28 A

Why don't you try a couch to 10k program? 6 miles is about 10 kilometers. Since you're already running regularly, you don't need to necessarily do the 5k training first. I like these podcasts.

There is also a Spark version of this program.

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1/14/13 8:22 A

My goal is to run 6 miles without having to walk. My plan is to concentrate on running more then any other type of workout. I usually lift three times a week and run two times a week. However, I want to switch it to running 4 times a week and lifting two. I know that lifting is important and I'm concerned that this may be too much cardioand not enough weight training. I'm looking at running 24 miles a week all together. What is ya'lls opinion?

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