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7/18/13 9:23 P

Rachelle293 - So sorry to hear about your ankle. I know that is frustrating as well as painful and inconvenient. Take care of it and don't push too hard. I think I saw some exercises in SP that you could perform sitting down.

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7/18/13 8:59 P

Thanks for the advice everyone. Ya'll are right, I have been pushing myself working out and also eating little calories. I know this will only hinder me in the long run.
Today I finally got off my rear end and went for a run in which was cut way too short because I feel and sprang my ankle. I will be sitting for the next few days but I will keep eating right and making sure I am staying strong. Thanks Everyone!

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7/16/13 10:01 P

I had a peek at your Nutrition Tracker. A couple things I noted - IF you are entering all that you have eaten, then you are under-eating, and not getting enough protein. 1200 calories is the minimum for an average weight woman who is sedentary. When you factor in a bigger person, and/or exercise, you need to eat more to accommodate this, and that is what your body is trying to tell you.

I noticed that a McD's Burger only had calories - make sure that you have the protein/fat/carbs entered as well, because then you will be able to tweak your nutritional intake based on knowledge (feed-back from the tracker.)

Also, you have only been doing this a few days - it is possible that you have dropped the calories very quickly. If that is the case, go back up and gradually work down to the range SP has given you. That can make a BIG difference because it allows our body to get used to the reduced calories gradually - kinda like tricking the brain. I had to do this is small increments of about 50 calories, because otherwise I would get woken in the middle of the night with severe hunger pains, and I would also feel very light-headed and nauseous throughout the day as well as during the night. I only had about 400 calories to drop, too, so it wasn't a major!

Good luck,

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7/16/13 8:59 P

Make sure you are getting all the calories you need, especially protein and fiber - they'll fill you up better. I usually try to hover around the lower part of my range, but when I don't feel satisfied, I don't have any problem with drifting up to the upper range occasionally. Hang in there. Your body is telling you something you need to hear.

7/16/13 8:31 P

We all have those days, try not to let them get to you. Trying doing something for yourself, or if there is something you are really craving have it. Keep it up! You can do this!

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7/16/13 7:15 P

I was doing amazing but the last 3 days I have not wanted to work out at all and have been hungry hungry! I had decided a while back to watch my portions, eat more veggies and incorporate more exercise. I have been doing great and have been on target but the last 3 days have been very challenging! Need some help!

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