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3/1/13 9:34 A

You might consider gentle exercise such as Tai Chi, Qigong and or Yoga. Remember that even these gentle forms can be demanding and start out gradually, finding what your body can and cannot do.


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3/1/13 8:35 A

Sorry you're dealing with pain. Hopefully, the symptoms will alleviate soon.

Also, remember weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% nutrition. So, during the times you just can't get moving, make sure you're making wise food decisions.

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2/28/13 9:10 P


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2/28/13 8:37 P

Sorry to hear you are suffering. My mom goes through that too. She suffers for days after having a day of feeling great. Don't fret the exercise...just try to move as much as you are able and let your body heal. My mom has arthritis. Yoga is great for this. I also have a touch of arthritis and I am constantly trying stretches to work out the pain. It really hurts in the mornings but if I keep at it the pain starts to subside during the day. Don't let this set you back on your journey. Any movement you get throughout the day is a step forward on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.


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2/28/13 6:22 P


So sorry to hear you are in such pain. Sometimes the best thing we can do is allow time for our bodies to heal, to help us through the flare-up. While I have never suffered from fibromyalgia, I have several friends who are suffering this week too, so I wonder if it is the time of year.

Below is a link to one of the Fibro SparkTeams we have on our site that you may want to post this question to.

I hope you feel pain-free soon.

Coach Nancy

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2/28/13 5:57 P

On Sunday I had a great workout. Sunday night I couldn't sleep and had a very busy day on Monday. Tuesday I woke up with severe symptoms of Fibromyalgia and have been in severe full body pain and exhausted the past 3 days. I want to exercise but can barely move. Any suggestions anyone?

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