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3/21/10 8:54 P


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3/21/10 1:00 P


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3/21/10 9:51 A


DARRYLP67 Posts: 578
3/20/10 5:35 A

walking now running later

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3/20/10 3:10 A


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3/19/10 12:23 P


CARPER3 Posts: 379
3/18/10 4:18 A


JIMIG9 Posts: 408
3/17/10 11:29 P

Walking, not yet ready to move up to running

TIMPHAM123 Posts: 197
3/17/10 4:19 P

Running, walking is way too boring for me. Plus, your body gives you more feedback.

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3/17/10 8:49 A


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3/17/10 4:19 A


3/16/10 6:37 P

Walking does it for me, I try to get in 4 or 5 miles several times a week. And it's a great way to see the city, so I try to explore as many different neighborhoods as possible. If I can lose another 10 or 20 pounds, I might consider starting up with the running thing again.

SRSAMSON Posts: 823
3/16/10 5:17 P

I'd like to run more, but the knees and ankles have a hard time with it.

3/16/10 4:53 P


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3/16/10 8:17 A


CHIPS6246 Posts: 697
3/16/10 7:21 A

Walking! When you get to my age the old knees don't work as well as they used to!

CARPER3 Posts: 379
3/16/10 5:34 A


3/15/10 4:31 P

It doesn't have to be either/or. I enjoy both.

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3/15/10 3:41 P

I enjoy running & cycling - My wife walks around the block but I just can't get into it...takes too long! When she jogs around the block, still to slow to keep up with me, so we end up doing our own thing!


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3/11/10 11:21 A

So, yesterday I took the dog on my daily walk/hike thru the woods, 1 mile. Then brought her inside, changed my boots to sneakers, and went for a 1.5 mi jog. Worked out for both of us (literally) emoticon

(Only, when I entered the timing/mileage in my chart it says my jog was really just a "walk"!? (15 min/mi). I do walk part of it when I get out of breath, need to work on pushing the envelope there).

CARPER3 Posts: 379
3/10/10 4:43 A


LINOJON SparkPoints: (21,200)
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3/8/10 12:08 P

I'd prefer to run, but my dog gets really pissed when i go out without her, and running with a leash is nearly impossible. So its a power walk with the dog or run without her. Actually, i can take her into the woods without a leash but then i'm still walking/hiking, the trails are just too rough to actually run.

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
3/8/10 10:47 A


It's faster.

CARPER3 Posts: 379
3/8/10 4:14 A

running 3 this morning

NETGUNNY SparkPoints: (99,207)
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3/8/10 2:28 A

Saturday, 8 mile walk,
Sunday, 5 mile run...
It's all good!

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3/7/10 6:01 P

My body prefers walking.

CARPER3 Posts: 379
3/7/10 5:11 P


3/6/10 7:18 P


JEAN15PAUL SparkPoints: (17,193)
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3/6/10 5:56 P

I was on one of those treadmills with the heart-rate monitor. I was doing the "Cardio" routine, in which the treadmill constantly adjusts the speed and incline to maintain your heart rate in the ideal cardio zone. I was surprised that it had me walking (although it did include an incline). At the speed and incline that it selected for me, I was able to keep going for a long time (vs getting winded and needing a break).

So for now, I guess I like walking.

3/6/10 9:15 A

I do both...depends on my mood...but the point is..DO SOMETHING

DKRAMOS73 Posts: 25
3/5/10 4:21 P

Since I only recently started by work out routine I am sticking to walkingon the treadmill until I loose a few more pounds. My knees would likely explode if I tried running now. Having said that, as soon as I shed a few more punds I am running! I used to run quite a lot when I was younger and really enjoyed it.

MCMONKEY2 Posts: 26
3/5/10 1:40 P

I couldn't run before, it hurt way too much. I started the short run games on Wii and couldn't do much with that either. But I kept trying eventually I could run in place for 30 minutes without pain that made me stop. I tried it outside the other day and it was harder for sure. Cold still hurt my lungs, but my legs and feet did well. I'll be a runner some day, but now I can run inside and do a combo outside. Just have to build up to it.

GDOBBIN Posts: 278
3/5/10 11:50 A

TV, I started out on a stationary bike a few years ago when I was around 260. I kept increasing the time on it and working out in the gym until I dropped enough lbs. to comfortably run. So, all I'm saying is keep that goal and you will get there!

TVAUGHAN78741 Posts: 12
3/5/10 1:04 A

I hope to one day enjoy running, it still hurts to get out and run... need to lose more weight and I should be good. Walking is boring to me

DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
3/5/10 12:57 A

Jogging/Running over walking for me. I only walk when I can't run or jog anymore. Running burns more calories and gets the heart rate up more than walking.

Walking is a great workout for those just starting out and can't quite run but it's not going to do anything for those that have been at it for a while.

GDOBBIN Posts: 278
3/4/10 11:14 A

Running gives me more of a sense of accomplishment and I believe it burns more calories. It is the essential fat burner.

FOXEYES2 Posts: 27
3/4/10 10:40 A

Walking, first because I have the flattest feet in the fleet and running/jogging hurts like all get out and secondly because I can do it anywhere. Last night I discovered that I can get an endorphin rush off of walking. (see my blog, Exercise=Stress Reduction. I have lost 30 pounds so far by walking and portion control so it is good for me.

CORY9876 Posts: 811
3/4/10 10:34 A

did you know that you burn the same amount of calories whether you walk 3 miles or run 3 miles? walking takes more time of course but calories burned is the same.

don't be confused

we're talking about the same distance not the same time. if you run for 30 minute you'll burn more calories than if you walk for 30 minutes. but then you're going further when you run for 30 minutes than if you just walked for the same period of time.

funny huh?

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3/4/10 7:42 A

VIZE_INDARYS, ditto. I love both.

RHYNO9 SparkPoints: (9,808)
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3/3/10 10:31 A

Running. At first it was because I would burn more calories in less time than walking. Now I am addicted to it. The endorphin release is great, and the 1000 calorie burn per hour isn't bad either.

I love to be outside but I will run on the treadmill as my climate sucks during the winter. I can't wait for this afternoon when the temp is supposed to be 37f and sunny with no wind. I will be out there racking up the miles.

QBASSIST SparkPoints: (0)
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3/3/10 3:36 A

I absolutely prefer running, but I still have to mix walking and running to complete a 5k. I hope to have the bones and wind to complete a 5k in HIIT fashion by Summer. Sprint/Run/Sprint/Run... it will be awesome to be able to do that!

The reasons I prefer running are bone health and cardio/strength training efficiency. Maybe it gets a few vanity points also. :p

DARRYLP67 Posts: 578
3/3/10 12:05 A

for me its walking

BIGTOSS03 SparkPoints: (372,077)
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3/2/10 11:40 P

I feel more of a work-out from running then walking. It takes me a while to get as good a sweat from walking compared to running.

RIPPEDPAUL1 SparkPoints: (184,553)
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3/2/10 11:21 P

walking works better for me too but I do walk fast

LOWATTITUDE SparkPoints: (0)
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3/2/10 5:48 P

I like both, but my legs like walking better.

Fitness Minutes: (31,721)
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3/2/10 1:34 P

I can walk a looooong time. Running? Not so much.

INDARYS Posts: 1,533
3/2/10 11:03 A

I love both. I love walking for its ease and I can do it anywhere factor. And I love running for its challenge and the endorphin high. Though if I could I would rather run all the time then walk, but I also enjoy hiking, which I classify as more of a walking activity then running so I'm back to square one of liking them both.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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3/2/10 10:45 A

I heart running. Probably a little too much. I think I need less cardio and more strength training at this point. So my running might be countering some of my strength training efforts.

But as RSOARES mentioned, working off stress is a nice benefit and my job causes me a shipload of stress.

RSOARES Posts: 357
3/2/10 10:10 A

Running....burns calories and works off stress!

DELRIO1 Posts: 6,500
3/2/10 9:46 A

Which do you prefer and why?

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