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JAMIE68117 SparkPoints: (4,321)
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4/12/13 1:16 P

Sadly, my treadmill doesn't have a hill climbing program! I have a gym membership, too though so I could always try that there. :)

Thanks everyone for the replies/advice!

JAMIE68117 SparkPoints: (4,321)
Fitness Minutes: (5,913)
Posts: 59
3/30/13 11:19 P

Sadly it doesn't have a hill program, but I am considering doing intervals like "SAXYSAI" suggested. I used to do intervals all the time with treadmill running, and I think it'd be fun for walking, too. :)

And yes, you guys are definitely right that something is better than nothing! Thanks for the motivation!

3/30/13 4:37 P

I agree with the others, a leisurely walk is better than no walk. I have a set of songs on my ipod that I grouped together specifically for a slower walk, when I just can't bring myself to exercise if I have to do it fast. If I'm not feeling well, or if I just want to squeeze in an extra 15 minutes after dinner, I do this slower set of songs while walking on the treadmill at about 2.8 mph (usually at a 5% incline, lower if I need it) and it may not be a cardio workout, but it burns more calories than just sitting around.

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
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3/30/13 3:51 A

Hi JAMIE68117

Does your treadmill have a hill climbing program?
A fun way to keep the walk leisurely but to 'up the intensity' is try to simulate what you would do on a hike.
Let the treadmill shift the incline up and down but keep the pace at a walk; let your mind take you to a beautiful national park.

This just might get the motivational juices flowing again.

3/29/13 2:56 P

I enjoyed my treadmill more when I could run on it (I don't run anymore after my knee surgery) and I now enjoy being on it more when I push myself rather than go leisurely. BUT, it's much better to walk leisurely on your treadmill than not to walk on it at all.

And if you need to take it easy mentally right now, in order to get any workout in, do it. I do think wearing my Bodymedia does encourage me to do more and push more so maybe it would help to wear your Fitbit, to give you a little more motivation.

SAXYSAI Posts: 664
3/29/13 2:14 P

Any exercise is better than none!

Also, have you tried interval training? Like 2 minutes at one speed and 2 minutes at another? That might fight boredom and make the walking more fun.

Either way I would say it's important to have consistant exercise--leisurely or faster paced :)

JAMIE68117 SparkPoints: (4,321)
Fitness Minutes: (5,913)
Posts: 59
3/28/13 7:02 P

Thanks everyone for the replies. :) I definitely think I have the tendency to go a little crazy when starting out a workout regimen, and I just get burnt out quickly. Maybe taking it a little slower could actually be beneficial for me.

RITACOMPU SparkPoints: (99,022)
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Posts: 4,404
3/28/13 5:30 P

I love walking on my treadmill. I am down over 20 pounds by just doing that and watching what I eat. I love my treadmill.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,456
3/28/13 8:35 A


Just to put the 5% incline in context, over 2.5 miles, that is the equivalent of 660 vertical feet gained. emoticon


RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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Posts: 1,379
3/28/13 6:54 A

Walking at about 2.5 mph on a slightly inclined treadmill is exactly what I did and the only thing I did for the first two months. I generally aimed for a bit over an hour a day, but then again the incline was probably less than 5 percent, too. At the beginning I was going even slower than that; by the end a little faster. Doesn't matter. If you have a specific fitness goal in mind you may need to work harder, but for assistance with weight loss anything will do that keeps you moving. And I'm convinced that if you want a permanent lifestyle change, it's important to take it easy on yourself mentally. Just as with over-restriction in diet leading to discomfort and resentment and binging, putting yourself into a situation where every single workout is a mental struggle is just asking for trouble. The person who's walking an easy 2 miles a day is way ahead of the one who's sitting on the couch for six months because she asked too much of herself too soon. It's better just to preserve the consistency.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/27/13 8:35 A

I don't do a treadmill but started walking the neighborhood at a leisurely pace and did great with the weight loss.

3/27/13 6:55 A

Actually the first time I lost weight that's how I got started getting on the treadmill. I would just get on the treadmill with a book. You would be surprised how the time flies! Then I built up to running, then I added other routines, and next think I knew I was a size 6-8 and I didn't even track when it happened.

Now I'm trying to get back to that. You have to start somewhere you are comfortable with or you won't succeed!

JAMIE68117 SparkPoints: (4,321)
Fitness Minutes: (5,913)
Posts: 59
3/26/13 11:31 P

Yeah 5% is what I had been calculating. :) I didn't realize it would be 65% more calories with that incline- the math is starting to make more sense now!

JAMIE68117 SparkPoints: (4,321)
Fitness Minutes: (5,913)
Posts: 59
3/26/13 11:29 P

Thanks for the reply! I think I need to start wearing my fitbit again on a regular basis- it really is true that all activity counts and the fitbit gives me that incentive to keep walking more and more steps. :)

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,456
3/26/13 11:15 P

Distance covered, rather than speed, is the major factor in calories burned. A very rough guide is that you burn about 100 calories per mile walked, with a 5% incline burning 65% more than this.

You don't mention the specific incline , but 400 calories in an hour does not seem unreasonable on this basis.

What you do in terms of exercise is less important than just that you do it regularly. And if walking is something you can do to build up a habit of regular exercise, then that is what you should do.

Perhaps over time you can slowly increase the speed to 2.6, 2.7, etc mph to gradually increase the intensity.


SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 46,222
3/26/13 10:20 P

Hi JAMIE68117,

Calories burn is based on a number of factors including your current weight and the intensity of the exercise you are doing. That being said, I always say something trumps nothing. I would rather have someone do a leisurely walk than doing nothing at all. ALL ACTIVITY COUNT when it comes to weight loss.

Coach Nancy

JAMIE68117 SparkPoints: (4,321)
Fitness Minutes: (5,913)
Posts: 59
3/26/13 10:09 P

Have any of you had success walking at a more leisurely pace for weight loss? Lately I've had a really hard time getting motivated to work out. I know once it warms up outside it will be easier for me- but this long winter we've had has been really rough on me!

I have no problem getting motivated to walk at about 2.5 mph on the treadmill, with a bit of an incline, for 45 minutes to an hour or so. (I'm 5'3 with a short stride so 2.5 mph isn't QUITE as slow as it might sound.)

I know I need to go back to more intense workouts eventually, but I need something to jump start my weight loss and get myself back on track.

Online exercise calculators (including sparkpeople) are telling me I would burn around 400 calories in an hour- but I just don't see how that's even possible?!

Have any of you had success with slower-paced walking, or did you find you had to increase your speed to shed the pounds?

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