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10/3/12 10:50 A

Yes now that the weather is getting cooler I can go back to either walking or running during lunch.

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10/2/12 3:26 P

Thanks for this post Coach Jen! It helps a lot. I just started and that is a lot to take in, but I will print it off and start incorporating this into my plan. Thanks again!!!


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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,755
10/2/12 1:48 P

Although most of that probably shouldn't count as "exercise", you might need to be eating more to account for your active job. Here's an Ask the Expert that will help you figure that out:

Hope that helps!

Coach Jen

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10/2/12 12:19 P

I work at Meijer and I was wondering the same thing. I can understand not counting it on a daily basis, but there are definitely days I can tell the next day if I did more than usual. My legs are sore from extra squatting, bending, ect. So I will have to monitor that from day to day. Thanks for the question and answers!


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ORODEO73 Posts: 527
10/2/12 12:07 P

I agree with JENMC14. but a way to see if you go above what your norm is could be wearing a step tracker. I found out my average steps per day then week and would see what I was doing extra. It might help you see where you average and weather or not you could take these as extra calories. I know there are probably days that you do more walking than others or lifting, if these are unusual, then your body will feel the difference.

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10/2/12 11:14 A

Unless you are getting your HR up and keeping it up for 10 minutes at a time, I would not count this. I personally don't typically count anything that's not dedicated exercise. SP already acounts for daily activity in your BMR when calculating your ranges. Plus, if this is a regular activity for you, your body becomes accostomed to it. So, even if you're burning a few extra calories over the calculated BMR, it's not a significant amount.

10/2/12 10:56 A

I am a Dept Manager for Wal-Mart and I average about 8 miles a day. How do I calculate my calories burned. I am not always on the move but I walk pretty fast, and cannot use my RunKeeper all day without my phone dying. I want to make sure I am also eating enough. Help I am so confused!

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