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5/16/13 11:38 A

Archimedes gave some great advice! Shoes can make a HUGE difference. Also, 5k events bring out all fitness levels. Chances are, many people will be slower than you. And have fun.

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5/16/13 11:14 A


Try not to worry ! These types of charity walks are for fun ! take your time and just enjoy the day.

One thing I will ask you is what sort of shoes are you wearing ? Were you fitted for a decent pair of walking shoes ? Many aches/pains can be traced back to incorrect footwear. When a person walks or runs, their feet should have good support. So, if you're wearing old shoes, that might be one possible cause.

Also, you don't want to wear brand new shoes if you're not used to walking longer distances. try to wear shoes you've worn for at least a week so that you know they won't cause blisters. Although, for 5K, you shouldn't have to worry about blisters, but you never know.

Actually, you'd be surprized how much energy you'll soak up from all the other walkers around you. I've done a bunch of 5k and 10K runs as well as charity walks. Everyone is very supportive !

Enjoy yourself ! Don't worry and don't fret ! Just have fun !


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5/16/13 11:09 A

Stretch well before starting, hydration is also important for your muscles, massage the areas of concern before and after your walk, listen to your body and don't push it.

5/16/13 11:04 A

Hey there!

This Saturday I'm walking a 5k for charity. It's walking, not a race, not competitive, and I have been active lately. Having said that, I have "leg problems" (lost my artery in my right leg as baby due to a freak surgical accident, and wore leg braces in early childhood) Despite being active and really trying to get into shape after a mile or so, my legs just start aching. (I have been cleared for exercise by my doctor). I'm getting nervous that I won't make it!

Does anyone have tips; experiences to share? Thanks!

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