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DENELDW Posts: 53
1/9/13 2:23 P

Thank you everyone- Looks like I'll be "running" my first 5k!

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/9/13 4:23 A

Running.good luck have fun

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/8/13 10:39 P

Usually the only reason for this is that they have prizes for both, and they don't want someone to win the "walk" entry when they've run a part of it. Walkers are generally not permitted to run. Runners, however, are permitted to walk (it doesn't give them an advantage).

So yes, you would sign up for "run" if you intend to run/walk.

It's absolutely normal to walk some!

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1/8/13 10:23 P

If you're doing a run/walk intervals, i would put running--you don't have to run the entire distance--

I hope this helps--

Coach Nancy

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1/8/13 10:20 P


DENELDW Posts: 53
1/8/13 10:10 P

Hi --question for runners from a runner want to be I am signing up for a 5k and I need to select walking or running. I can run some-5-10 minutes, then walk 1-2, and so on. Do I need to sign up to walk it all?
Thanks for any help!

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