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PAM_COOPER Posts: 389
5/8/13 1:36 P

Yes, unfortunately I have a lot of loose skin. No bikini's for me! But, still very happy with how I look -- dressed!!!! lol

You are probably right about the measurements. . . I didn't really think about that in figuring the ratio, even though I recall jotting down a note in my journal a few months ago about how hard it is to measure my upper arms due to the loose skin. I look hideous without cover. . . . . A GOOD REASON for younger people to get on track NOW so they won't be faced with such results when they are older. Extreme weight even on younger people can leave you looking like a deflated balloon when they lose weight! I can't afford a FULL BODY lift, but that is what I need!

Thanks for jogging my memory and I will quit worrying about losing the 2-3 inches to bring that ratio into range. If I lose an inch or two through exercise I will be happy, but if I don't I won't sweat the small stuff.

Have a great day and thanks again.

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5/8/13 11:54 A

Hi Pam - one more thing I just thought of when I realized you've lost over 100 pounds! (Amazing!, by the way). If you have loose skin around your waist, your waist measurement isn't accurate, because you're measuring your actual body size PLUS the skin, which can add an inch or two (or more). So I'd say waist-to-hip is definitely totally off for you!

PAM_COOPER Posts: 389
5/7/13 11:48 P

Thanks everyone for your input and advice. I feel a bit of relief--from the concern that despite all my effort, I still wasn't able to get that ratio down to the ideal range.

I've never had a formal reading on my BF% but my scales say I am between 19.8 (which is the same as this month's BMI) and 22.1 (from the last two months readings). I don't know how accurate the scales are -- I bought the scales new when I started losing weight -- but that is what I am using as a gauge.

My waist is 31.5 and my hips are 34.75. (32/35 rounded).

I am not interested in losing anymore weight, just to get in better physical condition and maybe even carve a few more inches off my waist. Do you think I can shift the inches UP to my bust??? Yes, I am joking, but wouldn't that be nice? emoticon

I will try the planks (thank you) as well as continue my regular, moderate routine of walking or hiking, weight lifting and other feats of muscle building/body sculpting effort.

Thanks again for your time and advice. Pam

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,456
5/7/13 8:47 P

Firstly, congrats on your weight loss to date. 150 lbs lost is an awesome achievement!!

I agree with the suggestion of body fat percentage being the best measure of your overall health.

You can't target where you lose weight from. Energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores. Crunches (or any other core exercise) may strengthen the core muscles, but will do absolutely nothing about reducing fat stored on the waist.

But a strong core is important for posture and balance. Planks are a far more effective core exercise than crunches, and many people who have back problems with crunches find them much less painful.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,910
5/7/13 3:35 P

Hi Pam

I agree with the previous poster. I second the idea of having your body fat tested. Most gyms offer this service for a small fee. That's a better indicator of health versus the waist-to-hip ratio or BMI. If you're already in the healthy range, then your WTHR isn't as important.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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5/7/13 12:08 P

You can't really control where your body stores fat, and having at least some fat stored is healthy (especially for women, we tend to have a higher body fat percentage than men, even when lean), so this could just be an issue of where your body likes to carry weight. It's fine that you can't do crunches - crunches won't burn fat from your stomach area, so they wouldn't change your waist/hip ratio issue anyway.

It sounds like you're already thin and healthy, so maybe waist-to-hip just isn't a particularly accurate measure of your health for you because of your basic body shape (which is genetically determined). Look into getting your body fat percentage measured at a gym or doctor's office - that will give you the best information about your health risks.

PAM_COOPER Posts: 389
5/7/13 11:55 A

I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but needing some insight on the waist-hip ratio. Mine shows a .91 and the charts say I need to be below .8 for a healthy heart.

My background in brief---I have been overweight for most of my life, I am 56 and recently lost nearly 150 lbs. I have been in maintenance since Dec. 2012. During and since reaching my goal I have been exercising at a low, but consistent, level due to a foot injury and some hip pain (which, btw, has been greatly alleviated with the weight loss). I probably have no or very little muscle in my belly due to the fact that I never 'sucked it in' for obvious reasons. I currently weigh 125-127 and am 5'6". I eat 'clean' 95% of the time--no junk, no sugar or fast foods and controlled healthy fats. My BMI is 19.8.

My 'belly' area feels firm to touch (beyond the loose skin). Typical everyday crunches are not sustainable for me due to a sciatic nerve irritation in my lower back-- right where I need to pivot when I do crunches. I am, otherwise, in very good health and condition.

Does anyone have a suggestion or insight as to why I can't get my waist to go down or how I can get it to go down. How concerned should I be at this stage?

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