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1/16/12 1:54 A

I kinda tried it. By kinda, I followed along with my mom. The thing is, I love to cook, and really don't like microwavable meals, and it seemed like that was a lot of it, buying the food. Which I am not a big fan of, and it gets pricey. Some of them were really good though. However, I have a friend that has lost a TON of weight with it, and kept it off. She liked how the program kind of backed off, or something like that, as she lost more weight. So all in all, if it works for you, that's fantastic, and it is all about staying motivated, working hard, etc. (Obviously =D)

But I really think if I would have worked harder at it, I would have done better. Good luck with it, I hope it works out well!

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1/16/12 12:57 A

I have decided to do WW at home (I am still going to stay a member at Spark) and I am wondering who else out there does this? I did the home kit about 5 years ago and it worked as long as I stayed motivated. I've done the online program but lose motivation easily because I don't like having to track on the computer. That's why I'm not tracking on Sparks any more. Anyway, I just want to hear from other members who do this.

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