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5/15/14 11:45 A

I agree ...I've gone back on my basic this last week and am already seeing a positive difference. Hang in there. I made literal lists of what I would put on my program and what was NOT for better than guessing all the time. Keep Sparkin'!!

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5/15/14 11:27 A

I have been on WW many times. I was loosing pretty well,then they changed the Ponts Program. The new program with fruits unlimited is NOT good for diabetics. My biggest problems ,I am on Coumadin due to a stroke, and have to be careful about my Vit K intake. Greens and salad have always been my go food while dieting.Now I don't know what to eat. My doc says medicate around the diet,not diet around the meds, but there many foods that contain vit K .Ugh!! I am still paying for WW online, but they also use too many foods with additives and artificial sweeteners. I'm trying to use more whole,natural foods. Hard to come by these days. I think Sparks is a better plan, I just need to get used to the site. WW is so ingrained in my head after all these years.

TATTER3 SparkPoints: (318,447)
Fitness Minutes: (177,669)
Posts: 14,832
5/12/14 8:46 P

Just dropped out of WW. The lowest points that they suggest for the day is 26. I cross referenced the menus and it comes out to be around 1300 calories. I paid 44.00/month and plan on going in monthly and keeping the weigh in going, but after really is just like the SP program but more like a face to face team. They push their products...which are just not worth the price and their other merchandise that I consider gimmicky...but every business does that. I loved the leader, enjoyed the people, but hated the a calorie a calorie. LOL Good luck and enjoy.

REBECKY8085 Posts: 21
5/8/14 9:50 A

Hello friends, im considering joining WW, anyone on here thats doing this ? Thanks :)

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