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BINFAYGO SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3
4/3/13 12:50 A

Just what I needed to hear today, thanks.

CHISESPE SparkPoints: (421)
Fitness Minutes: (350)
Posts: 1
4/2/13 10:52 P

I notice that when I wake up in the morning I have more energy. Probably because I didn't spend my sleeping hours digesting all those after dinner snacks!

AMELIA_ Posts: 27
4/2/13 10:20 P

My muscles, still under a layer of fat, but they are screaming to get out :)

157MXB89 Posts: 17
4/2/13 9:54 P

Sorry gentlemen, after losing 30 pounds I have better periods. I no longer get cramps that last all day, heavy bleeding, or nausea. Feeling great on those days and not being bed bound keeps me motivated.

KOALA93 SparkPoints: (21,037)
Fitness Minutes: (20,451)
Posts: 264
4/2/13 8:32 P

After 5 weeks of making conscious food/drink choices, I'm actually ordering water with lemon as my drink of CHOICE when I go out and ENJOY/PREFER it over the diet sodas I was drinking... even at home I'm drinking more water than ever....

DANYLEIN SparkPoints: (94,682)
Fitness Minutes: (33,086)
Posts: 359
4/2/13 8:32 P

My work uniform is hanging on me. Even my boss noticed... emoticon

CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,814)
Fitness Minutes: (12,922)
Posts: 448
4/2/13 7:50 P

I can sit with my legs comfortably crossed.

TRAVELGRRL Posts: 2,352
4/2/13 7:34 P

I seem to be living in Spandex workout clothes!

PUNKADOO Posts: 146
4/2/13 5:51 P

My thighs don't rub together when I walk any more. I don't have to worry about the friction starting a fire LOL.

SAM_I_AM_2K Posts: 1,117
4/2/13 5:18 P

I love that I feel gross and sluggish when I eat poorly - yes, I really do. It is another encouragement to not fall off the wagon and to only eat those foods in moderation!

GRATTECIELLA SparkPoints: (129,881)
Fitness Minutes: (82,680)
Posts: 4,551
4/2/13 4:37 P

I no longer need to suck my tummy in to button my pants -- and sometimes I have to hitch them up too!

REGINA_PHALANGE SparkPoints: (17,659)
Fitness Minutes: (5,689)
Posts: 681
4/2/13 3:09 P

I stood with my hands on my hips today, and realized the waist of my leggings don't make the fat on my waist bump out as much now. My waist overall feels smaller and more solid.

CHUBBYBUNNY317 Posts: 216
4/2/13 2:39 P

I noticed my new winter coat zips up a little easier!

SPIRITEDJOURNEY SparkPoints: (909)
Fitness Minutes: (288)
Posts: 20
4/2/13 2:32 P

I notice that my clothes fit me better. I'm a telephone operator so I sit for 9 - 12 hours a shift so just being able to feel my butt after all that sitting is an accomplishment.

I just feel better period. I survived thyroid cancer 18 months ago and knee surgery just six months ago. I'm just grateful to the Lord above that He saw fit to keep me here on Earth.

I'm grateful for everyday the Lord gives me and I cannot stress enough how much He is helping me on this journey. God does not want us to be miserable. He loves us so much, He wants us to be happy and healthy.

Do whatever it takes to get to where that is because it will be so worth it!

SNIC23 SparkPoints: (23,697)
Fitness Minutes: (17,045)
Posts: 368
4/2/13 2:26 P

I feel better, my mood is elevated, and my legs are less jiggly.


I look forward to when my thighs no longer rub when I walk!

MARMILIE Posts: 38
4/2/13 1:36 P

My upper arms are tighter, especially near my elbows. I can't stop crossing my arms cause it feels so much better than it used to. My pants are quite loose at my thighs, and my shirts aren't as tight.
I have more energy and I just want to move all the time: leg lifts, calf raises, stretches; I'm becoming addicted to feeling my muscles work.
And then there's the odd compliment that keeps me motivated and has me walking around with a smile all day. emoticon

LWADE1963 Posts: 936
4/2/13 1:31 P

Week 1 of 30 day shred is getting easier

ZERO2HERO SparkPoints: (25,962)
Fitness Minutes: (19,874)
Posts: 704
4/2/13 1:21 P

I'm taking the long way at work. Instead of calling a room, I'm walking there. Instead of planning a route that allows me to hit the bathroom, copy machines, and water fountain all at once, I'm going to the clean and further facilities because I'm not dragging my feet or exhausted all day.

My winter coat closing is nice too.

EEJAYBEE Posts: 261
4/2/13 12:55 P

I feel fit! I run up the stairs at work and don't feel out of breath. I go for hikes and don't fall over getting over the stiles/gates. And, last week someone parked their car too near to mine and I had to get in via the passenger seat. Normally I would get tangled up in the gear shift trying to get into the driver's seat. Not any more!! emoticon

4/2/13 12:37 P

I have been doing Coach Nicole's 28 day boot camp. Yesterday, while doing my workout, I noticed that a particular exercise was a little bit easier than when I first started the DVD. I would usually not be able to finish all the sets with them, and although still challenging, I was able to hang!!!

NICKYCRANE SparkPoints: (87,486)
Fitness Minutes: (49,975)
Posts: 1,317
4/2/13 12:00 P

Visiting friends and (for first time) asked them to give me the raki bottle so I could decide how much I wanted (about 15 mils). Explained I'm watching my weight. They said they'd noticed I'd lost lots of weight.
Also jogged (very slowly) for 25 mins unbroken - couldn't have done that a few weeks ago!
And my ski pants that were uncomfortably tight last year, have gone from comfortable to loose.
Am maintaining my weight (1 kilo below original goal) on average of just over upper calorie guideline. And this after Easter!
Have a couple of chocolate bars I was given weeks ago. I sometimes eat and enjoy a 10g square at the end of the day if I have cals to spare.
If I have to choose between exceeding my calorie range and skipping vegs, I choose to eat the vegs.
And it's WORKING!

PROUD__MOMMA SparkPoints: (2,358)
Fitness Minutes: (465)
Posts: 92
4/2/13 11:38 A

I found my hips :) I forgot I had those things lol

4/2/13 11:22 A

i am getting arm muscle definition!! makes everything look better and makes me feel even stronger!!

4/2/13 10:04 A

My feet don't hurt like they used to. I am disgusted by the smell of fast food and I ate a french fry the other day and just thought it tasted gross (they used to be one of my biggest trigger foods). Just in general, I feel like I am moving more - I find a reason to get up and do something during the commercials because otherwise I feel so lazy and worthless. :)

JILLIAN191909 Posts: 78
4/2/13 9:52 A

I wear a 36C bra now!!!! I am super excited because I have alway been in the D/DD range. I can wear more tops that I couldn't before. I am loving my new body.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
4/2/13 9:45 A

Former swimmer here, as soon as I start working out I can feel (even if I can't see) my leg muscles, upper body, not so much

NOMIE322 SparkPoints: (22,354)
Fitness Minutes: (35,110)
Posts: 144
4/2/13 9:35 A

GOING-STRONG, I totally get what you mean about music motivating you. I was on vacation and heard a song that my spin instructor plays and all I could think about was moving my legs to get the burn.

MIZZKINS Posts: 120
4/2/13 9:01 A

My winter coat is loose. I bought it last December and it was snug around the hips, largest size they had but I loved it so I didn't care. Now its loose!

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
Fitness Minutes: (2,155)
Posts: 1,379
4/2/13 7:11 A

The last time I shoveled snow this winter, my heart didn't feel like it was going to pound out of my chest.

RHYMESWITHBABY SparkPoints: (42,419)
Fitness Minutes: (64,616)
Posts: 263
4/2/13 6:35 A

Since it's spring now and I am wearing my winter boots less often, I'm really noticing that my slip-on shoes don't fit any more. Since I am not putting as much weight on them, my feet don't spread and fill the shoes any more, so it's harder to keep them on.

emoticon Aw, darn! I'm going to have to go shoe shopping!

GOING-STRONG Posts: 7,042
4/2/13 12:08 A

I feel like going for a run when I hear certain songs on the radio that are on my running playlist.

DIANAHALLOCK SparkPoints: (32,137)
Fitness Minutes: (21,534)
Posts: 1,248
4/1/13 11:53 P

Good nutty bread doesn't need butter.
Spring salads are SO much better than winter ones!

RX_2_RV Posts: 554
4/1/13 11:44 P

I REALLY am full on smaller portions now.
My resting heart rate has decreased from the 80's to mid 60's.
I look forward to exercise (walking and running.)
I often crave healthy snacks instead of junk food.

JUBILANT_SLEEP SparkPoints: (6,507)
Fitness Minutes: (4,106)
Posts: 239
4/1/13 10:20 P

My little baby "back rolls" are disappearing! I don't feel that extra skin folding over when I do my stretches anymore. Super awesome.

BENNYMON4 Posts: 72
4/1/13 10:12 P

It is the little things that mean so much. I love that my clothing is loose. I love that my husband tells me how great my legs look in the high heals he buys me. But most of all I
love feeling better and being healthier. The best part is when my SOS group gets together
on Monday nights and we work out and continue to improve our health so that our friendships
can span many years. Everything is little but when you put it together, it incredible. emoticon

EARTHFIREFLY SparkPoints: (17,588)
Fitness Minutes: (11,546)
Posts: 41
4/1/13 10:07 P

Feeling (slightly) more energetic and actually (gasp!) WANTING to exercise! I missed a few days this past week due to a several-days-long commitment, and I really noticed it and was excited to get back into the usual groove today.

Also today I went into a sporting goods store to get a few goodies as rewards for myself--a yoga mat and a pedometer--and I didn't feel completely out of place, like I usually do. Doubt I'll ever be terribly "athletic," but just the fact that I'm feeling a little more comfortable in my body is fantastic! emoticon

GIRLYQUE Posts: 1,274
4/1/13 9:23 P

I have more energy, I have collar bones and ribs and hip bones, I can bend over to tie my shoes without having to hold my breath, I have to RUN up the stairs at home before I am get winded, I had to get my wedding ring re-sized down, I had to get smaller bras and underwear. Overall, I feel better about myself and people are noticing, not just the weight loss, but that I have more confidence.

4/1/13 9:17 P

I'm not as short of breath as I used to be.

SUSANELAINE1956 Posts: 25,877
4/1/13 8:16 P

My wedding ring is getting loose. My clothes are hanging on me. I have gone from wearing XL to M, but haven't replaced a lot of clothes yet. Mainly, I am wearing ones I had from before gaining this weight back.

CJABOTTS2 SparkPoints: (326)
Fitness Minutes: (218)
Posts: 11
4/1/13 6:42 P

@WOMANATWORK1: I also can now lift my leg on the counter while I apply lotion all over, but what I noticed most was how much LESS lotion I use. It used to feel as though I needed to keep going pack to pump more lotion to fully cover-- especially in the thigh area. Now, just a few pumps and I'm done! I still have a lot of work to do, but it's the little things that keep us going, right? emoticon

GK1963 SparkPoints: (85,975)
Fitness Minutes: (39,307)
Posts: 1,871
4/1/13 6:40 P

I can see the muscles in my arms and my hip bones. I can see definition in my waist. Gardening doesn't make me hurt any more......and I love it when people say - Hey, you look great!

QUEEN_CEE Posts: 3,501
4/1/13 6:04 P

I'm appreciating myself, even though I have work to do still. emoticon

CDCSMITH2013 Posts: 1,708
4/1/13 5:45 P

I caught my reflection after a shower this past weekend and thought, "You're getting there" rather than the screech I usually make when I see my reflection.

LJBRANDOK Posts: 183
4/1/13 5:21 P

I can feel bones again-collarbones, hipbones, ribs. I kinda forgot what they felt like. YAY Sparkpeople.

SORRIAS123 SparkPoints: (3,369)
Fitness Minutes: (1,472)
Posts: 9
4/1/13 4:29 P

I've only been on SP for about two weeks and already lost 2 pounds. My goal is a pound a week so I'm super excited. I've noticed that I have much more self control with my food choices than I thought I would. with SP tracker, I account for every calorie and it allows me to eat healthy and occasionally allow myself a little bit of chocolate now and again and still meet my goals.

I also have more energy and love walking more than I ever have in the past. I always thought of exercise as another chore to I make time for 30 minutes at least 3 to 4 times a week. My yorkie loves it and I get the much needed exercise and stress release I need.

APPLEPIEDREAMS SparkPoints: (231,472)
Fitness Minutes: (103,054)
Posts: 10,848
4/1/13 4:01 P

My calves curve again. I love it.

4/1/13 2:44 P

@MELJONES3478: I like how you adjusted your goal! You WILL see those triceps toning up with time. If we just hang in there, we'll have everything we want from our fitness!

MELJONES3478 SparkPoints: (15,754)
Fitness Minutes: (6,082)
Posts: 505
4/1/13 2:01 P

other than my clothes and my wedding ring were too big....I have noticed the definition in my arms. My biceps are REAL muscles and it is surprising! My triceps...not so much I am still working on those. I was hoping to have toned arms by spring...I guess my new goal will be summer.

CBLENS SparkPoints: (47,498)
Fitness Minutes: (16,557)
Posts: 1,220
4/1/13 1:38 P

muscles, in the arms & calves, especially so much more fun to flex and see the definition

4/1/13 1:34 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I was applying some skin lotion this morning, while sitting on the edge of the tub. I didn't even notice what I'd done until I put the bottle of lotion down: I applied the lotion from hip to toe with my leg completely lifted and extended outward!

I know, to some, it may seem trite, but the fact that I could even lift my leg while sitting let alone extend it out while bending over? I was over the moon! Before I started SP on July 1, 2012, I was on medication for arthritis, I literally couldn't walk up the three stairs of my front porch without pushing off on my own thigh and pausing. I was wearing therapeutic flat shoes to work every day, and everything seemed to wear me out physically...

It's a testament to my inner core strength, which you CAN'T see on the scale and you CAN'T see in your clothes fittings. It's about the strength that I've gained since I've started a consistent program (yes, full of ups and downs) that does MORE than help you "lose weight"!!! I'm THRILLED!!!!!

What are some of the "little things" you've noticed since you've started SparkLing?

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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