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10/28/10 1:22 A

Talk about portion distortion.... 8 oz is a half a pound!

I have to wonder if there a reason they can't make a more sensible 3 ounce version?

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10/27/10 4:15 P

Hi, here is the data for the bar, it is only 8 ounces

Nutrition Facts Ice Cream Bar (Costco Food Court)
Serving Size 8 ounce
Calories 870- Unfortunately, this is the most consistent data on the bar, 870. But it is Awfully delicious. I think on a day that you really worked out, it is feasible.

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10/27/10 4:10 P

karate kid, thanks for catching that. That is alot of fat calories. these occassional bars that I reward myself with explain a few bad weeks with my weight going back a few years of those.

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10/27/10 12:26 A

565 calories from fat - mamma mia! I'm glad at least it was delicious!

10/26/10 9:38 P

holy cow!!!

10/26/10 5:27 P

Well, it's kind of up there with milkshakes from Chic-Fil-A, which I love.... and something share with my husband. ONce in a blue moon, I'll eat something like that.

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10/26/10 2:58 P

I have a hard time believing and ice cream bar is 870 calories. I'm with the other big is this thing exactly?

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10/26/10 2:47 P

I thought it was only 300-400 or so. When I got home, I researched it thoroughly. Someone actually has it entered at 110 calories in our food tracker. It is in fact 870 and super delicious. Would be okay but I knew how I was on my food tracker and I thought I would make goal. I had no idea it was so high. Its a yummy vanilla bar dipped in chocolate coated with almonds. Its to die for! I guess I would do it again, but only on a day where I knew I would still make goal or at least burn it off. I might have overreacted (imagine that?).

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10/26/10 9:51 A

For the most part I always check the calories before I eat something. If there is no calorie count available upfront, I don't eat it.

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10/26/10 9:51 A

WOW!! Thanks for the heads up....!

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,182
10/26/10 9:40 A

How big is this ice cream bar for over 800 calories?

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10/26/10 12:40 A

Thought I would treat myself for doing housework all day to a costco ice cream bar.
Do Not Do This! it is


It totally took me over my everything ont the darn food tracker! Not worth it at all. I'm just staying.

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