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6/29/12 7:53 A

You don't have to go to a gym, but you can do exercise at home. My adult children do the P90X work out and have had great results. The P90 or "Slim in Six" are the beginning workouts.
What matters is DIET. Read "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" by Gary Taubes. Got it at the library. He has clips on YouTube. It is the sugar/starches that spike our INSULIN and make us hungry since the stomach pumps out GHERLIN the hunger hormone. Interesting information.

SPIRIT42013 Posts: 1,020
6/28/12 8:37 P

That's right. It would be safer for you and the baby if you weighed less. I was over 200 lbs. when my second child was born. I was ordered to a month's bedrest due to pre-eclampsia and gave birth (induced) during a splitting migraine from high blood pressure. ...not safe for me or the child. ...not too good for my job either.

I had a young friend who actually had a stroke during childbirth because of high blood pressure.

I hate to scare you, but please don't put yourself through it! Do whatever you can to safely lose the weight!

I wish you the best! emoticon

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6/28/12 4:31 P

It's time for me to loose weight before having my son my weight was 115 now its at 220 after having my baby I was at 170 after that it just kept going up and up, 6 years later I'm at 220 and I know I have to loose it. I always end up giving up but I'm going to stick to It this time. I joined a gym 4 months ago and have only been ther 4 times It's tie to start going my goal 2 times a week. I also want to have another baby and I know with this weight It's not healthy so that's my motivation to loose my weight

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