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4/20/14 12:12 P

I ditto the information that SLIMMERKIWI shared.

I also wanted to encourage you to use the Office of Dietary Supplements.
You can look up any supplement and you will receive info on recommended amounts needed, danger levels, functions, food sources, interactions, etc:

Hope this helps--
Your SP Registered Dietitian

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4/19/14 6:57 P

Rather than relying on a Website for that kind of information, I would be inclined to talk with your Dr. (They really SHOULD be aware of what you are taking OTC because it can sometimes alter the strength of something you are prescribed. Most important is to see if you really NEED to be taking those supplements. MOST people don't need supplements unless there is a particular health issue or you are vegetarian or vegan. Sometimes the supplements can do MORE harm than good ..... if our body already has enough via food.

If you are relying on SP's Food Tracker to tell you whether you are consuming enough of that particular nutrient, then just remember - that isn't the best way to tell, because a lot do not need to be included in the Nutrition Label, so you could be getting a lot more than you think.


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4/19/14 5:50 P

Does anyone know of a website where you can input the names/amounts of vitamins and supplements you're taking to ensure you're taking what you need to making sure to avoid any interactions?

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