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3/11/13 8:50 P

be very smart about what you eat... a little vitamin d.... is important depending on how south or north you live... if not get it from the sun... but gooogle how to...

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3/11/13 7:19 P

I take the following vitamins/supplements, in addition to my food intake:

vitamin C, chewable (1000 mg)
One A Day multi-vitamin for men
vitamin D
calcium w/vitamin D
potassium (2 per day)
iron (every other day)
omega 2 fish oil capsule, 1400 mg (every other day)

I've been taking them since November 1, 2012 with no ill effects. Except for the vitamin C and the multi-vitamin, I only use Nature Made, which have the USP label on the bottles.

3/11/13 2:47 P

The term raw vitamin means nothing. It has nothing to do with safety, effectiveness or its contents.

Look for the "USP" insignia on the label. This ensures that the supplement meets the standards for strength, purity, disintegration and dissolution established by the testing organization, U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP).

Studies have shown that most adults do not need to take a vitamin-mineral supplement to meet need.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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3/11/13 9:29 A

I take raw vitamins - not that processed mass produced stuff. Check with nearby health food stores or online sources. They are much better for you. There have been reports (60 minutes i believe) that they have found completely undigested vitamins in exremental studies (yea, it's gross, but pertinent). They even found some tablets that were still intact and you could read the brand name.

And as a side note, I would have to doubt that, save a few very dedicated individuals, people can get 100% of the RDA of every vitamin and mineral in their diet - even on most days. Extra vitamins aren't going to hurt you (within reason), but a lack of them certainly can.

My layman's guess is your reaction is probably too much B vitamin.

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3/11/13 8:44 A

Personally, I'd give up on the vitamins, and focus on getting more nutritious food choices throughout the day. I don't know if you use the Nutrition Tracker here on Spark-- but really, it's a fabulous tool and I'd have to say the number one thing that helped me, with my weight loss. There are other factors to consider with your diet besides whether you're getting enough iron or calcium or Vitamin C -- there's your basic carbs, protein, and fat as well. Which don't have anything to do with taking vitamins. All these things, the Tracker can tell you.

3/11/13 8:29 A

For the healthy adult, eating a fairly healthy diet---you probably don't even need a vitamin-mineral supplement.

I would not use one for several weeks (6-8 weeks) and see if your break out improves and stays clear.

Then if you want to try one, you may want to select a children's chewable supplement. Let potent than the adult version.


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3/10/13 8:47 P

I take whatever I can afford at the time of purchase. This time its a wal-mart version of the one a day active supplement. I have a poor diet so I do need a small nutrient boost.

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3/10/13 8:08 P

They aren't necessary unless you don't get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. I don't take one, and I eat a fairly balanced diet. I get all my nutritional needs through that. :)

I think they're good if you're pregnant (gotta have that folic acid!) or if you're not getting good nutrition, but they're not necessary for everyone.

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3/10/13 7:52 P

Ok please bear with me because I know I've brought up this topic before but I think I've begun to figure something out....when I first started running I thought that the running and sweat was making me break out but I recently realized I think it is the multivitamin that I started taking. I've stopped taking it for the past 3 days and already my breakouts are fading and healing with no new ones cropping up. The vitamin I had been taking was one a day women's active mind and body.

So anyway, I was wondering what would be a good alternative...I am assuming there is some ingredient in the vitamin I had a reaction to or something...what multivitamin do you like, OR does anybody NOT take one? I'm still trying to figure out if they are really necessary or a waste of money...but I definitely don't want to take something that makes my face look like a pizza!

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