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6/4/14 5:21 P

Have you googled vegan formulations of vitamin d supplement? This will avoid the lamb and salmon source issue, and an ingredient list should reveal anything else you need to know about.

I'm kind of surprised your doctor was so at a loss. Maybe an allergist would be more helpful and could prescribe a suitable one, if you can get in to see one.

ETA I guess I addressed things others had already addressed, not all the posts loaded originally for me.

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6/4/14 1:40 P

Many thanks for the advice.

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6/4/14 11:45 A

The vitamin D supplement I take is vegan, so there is no chance of it being made from lamb. Could you try that? There are a lot of different brands out there that are vegan.

6/1/14 8:24 A

In winter I take a supplement.

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5/31/14 8:40 P

Depending on where you live, you MAY be able to get a good light box at no or little cost to you. If you are in the States and have insurance, some Insurance Companies will pay for this if the Dr (preferably a Specialist) writes a letter explaining the reasons.

Otherwise you could try this:


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5/31/14 8:17 A

Amoung other things mentioned.....

Cod liver oil is known for providing vitamin D in large amounts.

SARDINES...they are even known to treat inflammation effectively and keep the levels of body sugar under control. Canned tunas are filled with large amounts of vitamin D.Herring is one of the richest sources of extracting vitamin D...also chicken, beef, and calf livers contain considerate amounts of vitamin D

Some Natural Sources are.....
egg yolks, milk, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage and strawberries, blueberries, wild salmon, cod liver oil, sunshine

Pick and choose what works for you

5/30/14 9:35 P

Please read the section on supplements in the article I provided....(see below). I would think that you could tolerate D2 which is from yeast???

Dietary supplements
In supplements and fortified foods, vitamin D is available in two forms, D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol) that differ chemically only in their side-chain structure. Vitamin D2 is manufactured by the UV irradiation of ergosterol in yeast, and vitamin D3 is manufactured by the irradiation of 7-dehydrocholesterol from lanolin and the chemical conversion of cholesterol [6].

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5/30/14 7:45 P

Lamps are an excellent idea. My friend lives above the Arctic Circle (Norway) where the sun stays below the horizon in the winter, and they use them, plus cod liver oil, for sources of vitamin D:

5/30/14 7:37 P

cuteandnerdy, I've been looking at lamps and wanted to say thank you!

5/30/14 7:32 P

Thanks Becky. My doctor is at a loss also. I was referred to a few specialists and they just suggested sunlight and a Vitamin D cream (which I am allergic to). So my doctor is searching for ideas and so am I. We meet back up on Monday to compare notes and see if we found anything. My allergies are a huge pain for me (and my doctor LOL). I found a few lights that look good but I can't afford those either. My landlord said she has one, just has to find it, that I can borrow. So we're getting closer to a solution. Luckily I have an awesome doctor :) I put that guys skills to the test LOL

ETA: Reading through the link now. That's a REALLY good link. Thank you!

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5/29/14 7:22 P

Please check out this link which gives info on food sources and supplements.
Please then have a discussion with your doctor about supplementation. There are other formulations that you can use. Since you report being deficient, your doctor should be prescribing what to take, how much, how often and when to return for follow up testing.

Because you are deficient---your needs are different. This site, our members and our experts are not medically qualified---except to direct you back to your doctor.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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5/29/14 6:36 P

I have the same issue, as where I live it generally rains 25 days out of each month, and that results in a severe vitamin deficiency for the entire town. If you can't take supplements then the only thing I can recommend, would be to look into getting light bulbs that help with producing vitamin D, sort of a replacement sunshine.

I'd do a lot of research before using them, though, as there are many who claim they don't work for crap, just as there are many who claim they work brilliantly.

5/29/14 5:39 P

I am looking for sources of Vitamin D. I can't take the vitamins because they are made from lamb (which I am allergic to). I am also allergic to most of the foods that contain Vitamin D... Like salmon, etc. I CAN eat mushrooms but to get enough Vitamin D, I would have to eat about 2000 mushrooms a day. I don't like mushrooms that much LOL.

I found hemp milk that is fortified with Vitamin D but I can't drink an entire box every day (as much as I want to!) and I don't eat cereal or milk products.

Besides sunshine, which I can't be in, what are more sources of Vitamin D?

In case you are wondering, I did have my Vitamin D levels checked and I am Vitamin D deficient.

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