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12/29/12 9:48 A

You could use your entry, and update the vitamin B12 info based on the other chicken entry...basically chicken is chicken regarding B12 amount.

12/27/12 10:12 P

Thanks so much for the reply!
I'm actually the one who entered that info, and I only did it because SP had a higher calorie range than my package label did. But it's obviously not worth it! haha
Thanks again!

12/27/12 7:31 P

All chicken has vitamin B-12.
Many of our entries come from the USDA food database:

This database contains all the vitamins and minerals for foods--it is very accurate and complete.

However, members have also entered food items her at Sparkpeople. They use the info on the package label. Vitamin B-12 is not a nutrient that must be listed; therefore the member did not list any.

to keep the nutrition info for your chicken as accurate as possible, use the entries that have not been entered by members....a chicken breast is a chicken breast.

SP Dietitian Becky

12/27/12 2:57 P


I have been tracking my food here on sparkpeople off and on for years, but recently only for about a week. I am specifically looking at my vitamin intake this time around, especially the B vitamins. I noticed today at lunch, that even though I ate 6-8 oz of chicken, the tracker didn't give me "credit" for Vitamin B12. Then I realized that it couldn't because I had manually entered the Tyson Chicken Tenderloins as a new item, and the bag doesn't say anything about vitamins. The few listed are all 0%.

So now I'm a bit confused because you can really only get B12 from meat/dairy products, and I specifically ate the Chicken today because it is listed as having about .5mcg of B12.
So is one type of chicken different from another? Do I need to find a new brand of chicken? Or is this just something they are not required to list so they don't list it, and I need to add that to the tracker? And if so, are there a lot of products that leave these vitamins and minerals out?

Any help would be appreciated!

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