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4/22/14 9:30 A

1 cup of red peppers is 262 % of the RDA, so it is easy to go over on A. I just alternate days, and have mushrooms one day 93%, and peppers the next so i average 177.5%

Part of the reason we actually are over, is that when you start eating fruits, and veggies, they have loads of nutrients. If we buy canned, or frozen though, only a few nutrients are req'd for them to list, so we see that we are high in those ( Vit A&C,Calcium, and Iron ).

Switch to fresh veggies, and most of us find that we are high in a lot of nutrients, because we now get it counted thanks to SP trackers, instead of package labels.

Nothing really changed, you just now know what you are eating. Before you probably thought you were low on a bunch of nutrients, but you were just not getting the information. It doesn't take a lot of vegetables to get your nutrients.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
4/21/14 12:45 P

In nearly every case, nutrients (meaning vitamins and minerals) you ingest in excess of the RDAs are *minimums*. If you get too much that your body can't use, it simply dumps it.

You have some reason to think carefully about vitamin A, though, because it's one of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) which can potentially build up to levels higher than are good for you. Your body will store those instead of eliminating them.

That said, our RDAs are, beyond just being minimums, also lowball according to most other sources. So that minimum (and the associated maximum) may not be indicating toxic levels. In most cases, the "safe" range is many (like, hundreds) times higher than what the upper limit is listed to be.

Perhaps you could consult with your healthcare team, or do some more research online, to determine what would be appropriate in your individual case. RDAs are, after all, meant to apply to the largest portion of the people they're recommended for (which means the group in the ~80% range). That may not be you.

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4/21/14 12:26 P

I am confused on the daily summary for Vitamin A. The recommendation is for 100-110 %. I consumed 370 IU through some carrots and romaine lettuce and it said I was over goal. Isn't the recommendation about 10,000 IU for an adult male?

10/31/13 9:43 P

me too easy to go over the vit a if you eat healthy so nothing wrong there

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10/31/13 9:26 P

Thank you all so much! All of that was very informational. I don't take a single supplement and, thank goodness,Ii am not addicted to carrots! Though i do enjoy them. I appreciate knowing I wasn't alone in this observation.

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10/31/13 5:47 A

I had the same problem and anarie's answer is correct. If you click on the daily nutritional feedback thing on the spark points page it will tell you which goals you met, which you went under on and which you went over on. When the vitamin A is high it also tells that if it comes mostly from veggies and fruits that's OK for the reasons anarie stated.

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10/31/13 12:44 A

Vitamin A is sourced by some meats; (especially meats like liver) mild, egg, and some fish - e.g. salmon and tuna, too. Maybe that is partly why your Vit.A intake appears high.

I have heard of a couple cases where a person's skin has turned an orangy colour, but they were addicted to carrots and eating heaps left, right and centre.


ANARIE Posts: 13,192
10/31/13 12:28 A

The daily value is the MINIMUM you need, not the maximum. Being at 200% for vitamin A is no problem and it's not unusual-- one large serving of carrots will do that.

The only concern is if you're getting large amounts of vitamin A from supplements and/or animal sources. The "vitamin A" in plant sources is actually a provitamin-- it's like a vitamin kit. All the elements of vitamin A are there, but your body only assembles them if it needs vitamin A. Otherwise they just wash away. You can't overdose on vitamin A from plant sources.

So eat all the orange and red veggies you want. It's nothing to worry about.

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10/30/13 11:14 P

I have been semi actively trying to lose weight since January. I have lost 36 pounds so far, but it wasn't all from eating healthy. I have only recently started to track everything i eat and do, and i have noticed that, though i am eating just 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, i am getting A LOT of vitamin A. I am always at least 200% of my daily value of more when i know i should just be at 100%
But i am confused because I'm just eating regular stuff. Is this something that is normal? I don't take any supplements. I just eat veggies like carrots, salads ( Romain, spinach,red leaf ), cucumbers, edema me. I eat raspberries, grapes, pears, bananas, strawberries, blueberries.
I try to get a variety. I also occasionally have a sweet potato or yam for dinner and I know that has a lot of vitamin a but its about twice a week that i eat these.

Any advice, experience, or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

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