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CH0718 SparkPoints: (7,451)
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Posts: 177
12/19/12 8:31 P

I sometimes use xbox kinect games, like boxing, Zumba Rush, or Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 as workouts, so yes. They're not as high intensity as running or my versaclimber, but on days when the legs are just plain tired and I can't get to the pool, it works great. I still get my sweat on, so yeah, it counts.

KAIDAKANTRI SparkPoints: (1,529)
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Posts: 26
12/19/12 4:34 P

In my opinion, Yes.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,918
12/19/12 10:28 A

I absolutely count certain video games as exercise. This morning, I did 10 minutes of Just Dance 4 and I was literally dripping sweat after. It's all about how much effort YOU put into it, plus keeping your body moving when the video game is loading the next song or activity. I track that game as low impact aerobics.

POPSECRET SparkPoints: (82,932)
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12/18/12 3:17 P

I was thinking about looking into a few after Xmas...any suggestions on some good ones?

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,592
12/18/12 12:59 A

i don't do the video game exercises. it is enough for me to make the space for the dvds. my daughter got a Wii when they came out and several of the dance and exercise games. she put in the time and it got her started taking care of herself, something i could not do by myself, so i guess it's okay.

KJBURDEN Posts: 29
12/17/12 9:41 P

I use the Wii Fit and get a workout that way. Doing the hula hoop is harder than you think, I sweat my butt off! And there is one that has an obstacle course and I'm usually drenched in sweat when I get done with it. I've never tried Just Dance but I hear it can be quite a workout too. And you're having fun while doing it!

MISTY919 SparkPoints: (15,619)
Fitness Minutes: (33,230)
Posts: 77
12/17/12 7:45 P

Thank you for the feedback! I want to try something fun with the family while getting a workout at the same time (sneaking exercise to them as much as possible is a goal of mine) I will def check out the games mentioned. THANKS AGAIN!

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
12/16/12 6:16 P

Just like any other activity- if you move and get your heart rate up for long enough then it could count as a work out.

"For any activity to count as true exercise, it has to meet certain parameters, like lasting at least 10 continuous minutes (so those stairs you took or that walk from your car to the store doesn't count as a workout), it has to elevate your heart rate to an aerobic level (that "hard" feeling I mentioned above), and more. " from

KARYNWHO SparkPoints: (4,381)
Fitness Minutes: (973)
Posts: 68
12/16/12 4:19 P

I can't get enough of this Just Dance video... it makes me really want to get the game and try it!

If you're doing something like that, it definitely counts!

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,670)
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12/16/12 3:53 P

They can be. If your heart rate is up for 10 mins or longer, yes. If not, then no. Just Dance is good if you do the challenging dance routines one after another. Wii Fit maybe, it depends what you do.

MISTY919 SparkPoints: (15,619)
Fitness Minutes: (33,230)
Posts: 77
12/16/12 3:31 P

Do you think working out with video games count?

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