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3/13/14 11:16 A

Thank you everyone I will talk to my doctor.

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3/13/14 8:46 A

They already nailed it, but I agree with talking to your doctor for more definite information. I also agree with the sleep. I know, personally, I feel "rested" when I get 9 hours each night. (Typing that makes me laugh because I have a 9 month old son who doesn't sleep a wink at night so like last night I got about 3 and have NO time for naps during my days, but if I *could,* I would aim for 9. :) ) It's possible that for you to feel your best you may need more.

Also, it sounds like your diet is pretty balanced, but are there certain higher carb foods (maybe lacking protein) in the afternoon that makes you sleepy after eating?

And it also sounds like you keep yourself relatively busy...maybe you're just tired from the day! I think if I could take a nap in the afternoon, I'd do it regardless of sleep at night.

Which brings me back to checking with your doctor. It could be something could be nothing, but your doctor can help you more! :)

3/13/14 7:08 A

I too encourage you to talk to your doctor.
The doctor can decide (and has the ability) to run additional tests as needed.

I too was wondering about the night time sleeping.
Would it be possible to cut back the nap to about 30 minutes---then increase the sleep time at night to about 8-9 hours??? It is not only the number of hours; but you need to get to that deep sleep stage. A long nap, may be harming a more deep sleep at night.

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3/13/14 5:24 A

I think that you would be better to talk with your Dr about this. It could be related to the Prozac, the depression itself, or something else going on medically.. Your Dr will be able to do bloods to see if there is something like low iron, Diabetes etc. contributing to it.

I wouldn't go adding any more supplements until AFTER you have seen your Dr, and only if your Dr advises it. Sometimes we don't actually need them, but take them thinking we are doing good, but they can come back to bite us in the bum.

In the meantime, is there anyway you could get a wee bit more sleep at night? It might be that 7hrs isn't enough for you.

Good luck,

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3/12/14 8:15 P

I feel like I eat a mostly balanced diet, and I don't have too much stress (have been on prozac for anxiety for 2 months now). I exercise at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week with strength training in between with rest days. I also work a job that requires me to stand for 8-10 hours a day. I don't feel tired when I wake up, and I usually get about 7 hours of sleep a night. I'm also a student in school full time, but mostly take online classes. I am always tired when I come home and have to take a nap that usually lasts 1-3 hours. This happens a few times a week and I can't help it because I feel so tired. Is there something in my diet that's lacking? I'm trying very hard to eat healthy with the ocassional 'treat' so I don't get deprived. I drink a bit of water too, and take vitamin b super complex vitamins and vitamin d 3 to make sure I'm getting these vitamins in my diet.

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