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1/23/13 9:26 A

THANKS soo much for the seated exercise Info I am going to look at them today. The injury was cleared over 15 years ago. I needed to go to physical therapy but my mother did not want to take me so i never got it. That makes it worse for me. I am trying to see if I can get some physical therapy now but the insurance company sure does not make it easy.

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1/22/13 6:17 P

I actually did SparkPeople's seated cardio workout myself after I had some foot surgery and was truly amazed at what a good workout it was. SP also has seated core, pilates, etc. Best part - all free and all can be done just looking at your computer screen at home!!!

So ... I not only concur with Dragonchilde, but I give a strong recommendation to SP videos.

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1/22/13 5:19 P

I think you would benefit from a trip to see a physiotherapist! They can provide guidelines for your particular needs that can help you deal with your injuries, and not exacerbate them. Have you visited your doctor to be cleared for exercise? With old injuries and such, this is especially critical, although everyone needs to.

There is also a Limited Mobility lifestyle section that includes some seated cardio workouts:

1/22/13 4:54 P

My right ankle is full of so much hardware from and old injury and I have horrible arthritis in that ankle because of the injury. I would love to swim because that makes it feel so much better but their is not a gym in my area with a pool that I can afford. I have tried trust me. Walking is good a lot of the time but when weather is very cold or I have hormonal changes ( a lot lately) I get horrible flair ups that make doing that in any meaningful amount very painful. I have leslie sansone DVD's and hoped that would be a good alternative for when this happens but it is not. It really cause pain in my joints at night on the days I used them to the point I had to stop. My ankle would be so swollen I was miserable. You you know of any good dvds for cardio that don't require so much foot work. I would really like a alternative for when the pain gets very bad. TY

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