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10/8/12 12:05 P

We have these symbols deep inside by which we measure our worthiness. For some of us others forgetting a birthday pushes big buttons of disappointment and down right rejection. I'm that way and I have to spend days thinking it through and trying to keep from turning to food for comfort. After one to many disappointments, I decided to take control of my own birthday. I plan what I want to do, and what I want for a gift, then I let everyone know what the plans are. They fall in line happily. It is not the same as spontaneous celebration, but it keeps me from feeling like a victim and when someone does something unbidden it is a wonderful surprise.

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10/8/12 10:53 A

Thank you for all the kind words. They sure mean alot. emoticon

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/8/12 7:24 A

Good for you for getting back on track.
My son called on my b'day; but didn't realize it was that date - he called for something else.
You know what? At first it sort of upset me; but then I got over it.
It's another day,and not something that should make me abuse myself just because someone else decided not to acknowledge it.

Some woman at work thought it was absolutely horrid that I didn't have a cake for my b'day.
I didn't agree. Why on earth would I bother - if I didn't want one?
Obviously, my emotional eating doesn't go there, because I don't think that my b'days have ever been memorable in a positive manner - so I guess I'd rather ignore them.

Other events may hit me harder.
Sorry this one derailed you temporarily

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10/8/12 3:46 A

That is awful a forgotten birthday. Being a emotional eater is the worse. I have been trying a new method to help with mine. Everytime I think about eating something because of emotions I make myself a big glass of water. It has helped so far maybe it will help you as well.

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10/8/12 2:21 A

Happy belated birthday!

Its ok to be little bit naughty from time to time. As long you are not doing this very often. Life is for living and enjoying yourself and not for counting calories and stressing yourself every time if you go over your limit.

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10/7/12 10:12 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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10/7/12 9:11 P

I'm so sorry about your birthday! Good for you getting right back on track! Even if you don't show a loss, you rocked this weekend!

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10/7/12 8:54 P

Mary, I'm so sorry that your husband and kids forgot your birthday! I totally would have felt down, too, and we all know that feeling so down can make us lose some of the motivation we typically have. I am so impressed that you got right back to it, though! You go, girl! That's a huge thing and I hope to handle momentary slip-ups with the same grace and dedication as you. I hope today was better, and here's to a great week!


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10/7/12 8:21 P

Well that totally blows that your husband and kids forgot. I don't know how that would make me feel, but certainly not good.

What is good is that you got back on track after being sidetracked. That is commendable! So many times I've let that derail me for a long time. Good for you!



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10/7/12 7:49 P

It was my birthday on Friday and my husband and children forgot it. I was so upset that I went out that night with a friend. I had a ok supper and even skipped dessert, but blow- it on drinks. I was up 1000 extra calories. I was so mad at myself, but I dusted myself off on Saturday morning and have been on track ever since. I have to remember that I can't let emotions control me! Just hoping my weigh-in on Wednesday at TOPS shows a lose. emoticon

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